DAGD Digital Animation & Game DesignThe Ferris State University Internship Program is designed to bring together industry and academia in service to 'the real world'.

The internship is a valuable experience for students and companies alike. It helps provide opportunities for students by showing them what it is like to work in dynamic workforce settings. It helps industry by letting them try out possible employees before committing to in-depth training. Many top performers in companies have had their start as interns. Your help creating the internship experience is critical. The mentoring your company offers will help build the career of one of the next generation of animation and game designers.

A typical internship is 12 - 14 weeks in length during the summer and 400 hours in time served. Depending on credit hours involved, Interns work from four to five days a week within the company environment helping out as assistant designers, animators and programmers. This immersive approach helps you bridge the gap between student and professional.

You will be a partner as you build an internship opportunity with our help. We have had many successful opportunities and company who are willing to accept the high quality that Ferris students exhibit. However, the internship is a competitive process that will require your help with the creation of portfolios, resumes, demo reels and ultimately interviews. We build this process much like if you were out to ‘get a job’. With this training to establish an internship, you will be better prepared when it’s time to land that important first job. We prepare our students for success and this preparation starts from day one.

For more information, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Marty Lier, at (616) 451-4777.