DAGD Digital Animation & Game DesignIn this area you will find information about class offerings and internships.

The Digital Animation and Game Design program is focused on educating students in the latest tools and technology used to create digital and interactive content.

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The DAGD "checklist" is a list of classes that you need to fulfill for the Ferris B.A.S. degree. You will need at least 124 credit hours to complete a degree. If you are transferring from a community college, 66 of those credits must be from Ferris with 60 of them from the DAGD/SENG domain. While this sounds daunting, your advisor can help you with the details and create a Individual educational plan that fits your needs and resources. We are here to help, and we are looking for you to succeed. To set up an appointment with an advisor or find out more, please call (616) 451-4777.