About the DAGD ProgramThe Digital Animation and Game Design program is focused on educating students in the latest tools and technology used to create digital and interactive content.

The required general education classes are targeted to future employees in digital technology as well as providing general knowledge and skills that will be useful in many aspects of life. The foundation classes provide depth of knowledge applicable to any digital technology field with classes in design, business, 3D animation, and programming. The recommended electives allow students to further expand their knowledge in a particular area such as programming, 3D animation and digital effects. Before graduating, all students will also complete an internship to give them the real-world experience and people connections necessary to succeed in their chosen profession. Read on to learn more about this unique and exciting program!

DAGD Students Learn how to:

  • Create and manipulate 2D textures and images
  • Model, rig, light, animate and render 3D characters and scenes
  • Edit, manipulate and develop digital video
  • Author interactive applications and games
  • Design and create 3D game level mods
  • Develop interactive web sites
  • Build content in industry leading game engines
  • Prepare a professional portfolio and demo reel
  • Find digital animation and game design work in the real world

The DAGD program offers students the opportunity to actively compete in many growing industries such as:

  • Game Design and Asset Creation
  • Film
  • Television
  • Medical Visualization
  • Architectural Flythroughs
  • Legal Simulation
  • Web Development
  • Educational Software
  • Product Design
  • Independent Game and Animation Development