Program Profile

The Manufacturing Technology program is committed to excellence in teaching and learning for all students. We will provide effective instructional leadership, responsible fiscal management, and a quality learning environment, which improves student outcomes. The MFGT program holds high expectations for students in the precision metalworking, tool and die making, and moldmaking manufacturing process. The Manufacturing Technology faculty are determined to provide the student body with a program designed to challenge and develop the technical skills necessary for the graduates to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Mission Statement

'Provide the best educational opportunity in tooling technology by way of project-based, real-world experiences in well-equipped facilities resulting in a solid foundation on which our graduates can build their careers and continue their education.'

Vision Statement

'To lead the nation in manufacturing process and tooling education as demonstrated by student success, graduate demand, and the extent of industrial partnerships.'

Program Values

'In addition to the values held by the university as a whole, we also believe in the following values and consider these to be critical in performing our mission and realizing our vision of the future.'

We believe in:

  • well-experienced, technically competent faculty members.
  • up-to-date curriculum that reflects the current state of the industry.
  • the importance of a solid technical foundation.
  • project-based, real-world learning experiences.
  • providing a reasonable amount of time on task.
  • the application of current technology.
  • well-equipped facilities that emulate those found in industry.

Manufacturing Technology Goals And Objectives

  • Provide students with quality education enabling them to enter third year apprenticeship programs or continue their education in one of the many baccalaureate degree programs for which they are eligible to enter.
  • Maintain a current manufacturing tooling facility that reflects the current state of the industry.
  • Accommodate nontraditional and transfer students working toward obtaining technology degrees.
  • Encourage good work ethics and professionalism by continued exposure to modern manufacturing process and facilities.
  • Promote faculty development through participation in graduate activities, workshops, and seminars.
  • To maintain a balance of general education courses, to insure competent communication skills, both verbally and written, computational skills, social awareness, and cultural enrichment.

Career Opportunities

The Manufacturing Technology degree is designed to prepare students to enter industry, trained to build tooling, machine components, support engineering and manufacturing activities and to provide them with the technical foundation required in the Manufacturing Tool Technology field. The program provides students with laboratory project based career education and training.

Continuing Education at Ferris State University

Graduates from the Manufacturing Technology program have the opportunity to continue their education at Ferris State University. Bachelor of Science degrees are available to students who wish to further their education. Students can earn an advanced degree in Plastics Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Product Design Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Rubber Technology, Technical Education and Business.

Program Availability

The Manufacturing Technology program accepts transfers from community colleges in/outside Michigan. During the past ten years, numerous colleges have transferred students into the program. The Manufacturing Technology program has articulation agreements with community colleges, career tech centers, and high schools within the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Employment Opportunities

The Manufacturing Technology program is one of the top ranked programs in the state. One hundred percent of employed graduates are working in positions directly related to their major field of study, with the majority working in Michigan. Manufacturing alumni have one of the highest average salaries of all two-year programs at Ferris. The 2002 survey shows that the average starting salary for the Manufacturing graduates is approximately $34,725.00/yr. In 2004 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates from a 2002 survey, that Ferris State University Manufacturing Technology graduates starting wages fall within the top ten percent on a national scale.