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Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology Student Testimonials

I have been working at Gentex for nearly 5 years, almost immediately after graduation. Currently I am working mainly in the area of digital hardware simulation. Previously I worked in the laboratory pertaining mostly to EMC hardening and testing.

I appreciated the practical education that Ferris gave me along with a great foundation to build on. Throughout my time at Ferris I felt that the professors always related the education to real world situations. As graduation neared, I continued to receive advice from Professor McKean on all aspects of the current economy and employment opportunities.

I appreciate Ferris including me in their efforts.

Thank you,
Kirk Fabbri
EMC Simulation Engineer
Gentex Corporation


I just know from my experience with working (I am now a stay at home mom) that when I went in for an interview one of the first things employers would jump on was that my BS EEET was from Ferris. Since Ferris is a hands on school, I learned things that helped me have an advantage over others that graduated from a research school. One example was that I knew what a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) was and how to operated it where another graduate from Michigan State with a similar degree, did not.

I am proud to say that I graduated from Ferris State in my field, it has given me opportunities that I believe that wouldn't have had from another school.



I got hired in at Epoch Robotics, in Holland, as a Robotics Service Engineer. This company is a Fanuc Integrator. My job description contains the following:

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair industrial robots
  • Service robots and perform routine maintenance
  • Help customers on-site or on the phone with robot errors and troubleshooting
  • Help customers with robot programming and program efficiency
  • Setup robot work cells for customers and robot programming

So far this job is fun and exciting. I’m learning things every day. My position requires a lot of traveling to work sites whether it’s in or out of Michigan. I enjoy the traveling and I enjoy seeing different manufacturing facilities and how the robot applications are set up for that particular facility.

As of right now, I am in training. I’m getting both hands on and book training to become a Master Certified Service Engineer for Fanuc.

Joseph Aguirre