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The College of Engineering Technology is excited about the tremendous career opportunities available to graduates of our programs. Despite the fact that engineering jobs are predicted to grow faster than average, females continue to be underrepresented in these fields. David Geary and his team from the University of Missouri found that in 70% of countries, girls outperform boys in math, science, and reading by age 15. In the spring of 2016, it was reported that eighth grade girls scored higher than boys on the Technology and Engineering Literacy exam. Even though it’s clear that females have the ability to perform well in math and science, they are not choosing to pursue these fields following high school at nearly the same rate as boys.

Experts tend to agree that one of the reasons females are not choosing engineering related fields is due to a lack of awareness of these programs. Young girls need to be exposed to role models in the fields, learn about the limitless potential, and understand that there are many ways to help others as an engineer. Sharing this information involves community outreach programs that engage students, teachers, and parents.  The College of Engineering Technology is committed to partnering with area schools to introduce students so engineering hands-on activities and expose them to female role models who are studying or working in engineering related fields. These programs can be scheduled on campus or within the schools districts. To schedule an activity or to learn more, contact the University Career Programs Specialist at [email protected] or 231-591-3549.


Elementary School Students

A Taste of Engineering

Elementary students are invited to sample engineering in a mini session to learn about inventions, explore ways to make the world a better place, and create their own engineering designs. Students will meet females in engineering technology fields and take home an engineering related craft to encourage them to think like an engineer after the function.

Middle School

Middle School Students

Technology Engineering Aptitude (T.E.A.) Events

T.E.A. stands for Technology Engineering Aptitude. The T.E.A. curriculum was developed by Celeste Baine, director of the Engineering   Education Center and author of more than 20 books. The purpose of T.E.A. events is to engage students with hands-on STEM activities to consider career options in a supportive environment. Ms. Baine has trained Ferris faculty and staff members to become certified trainers to present her curriculum. Typically these events are held with mother-daughter teams to work together through the activities. In this way, the parents are learning more about opportunities in STEM fields as well, which positions them to encourage their daughters at home long after the T.E.A. event is over.  Female engineers and engineering   technology students are integrated throughout the event as well to increase   exposure to successful role models. To   watch a video of a Ferris TEA that features Celeste Baine, see

High School

High School Students

Launch Lunch

Enjoy lunch with an engineer. Launch your career! This program is geared toward junior and senior female students   interested in learning more about engineering and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) career related opportunities. Students are invited to campus to meet female engineers, students, complete a hands-on activity, and more.

Looking for another way to get involved? Check out summer camps related to engineering technology programs!