Primary Care/Pediatrics/Contact Lens/Health

Henry Ford OptimEyes 

college imageSite:
        6530 Farmington Road
        West Bloomfield, MI 48322
        Phone: 248-661-5100
        Fax: 248-661-8816
        Robert Finlay, O.D.


        Henry Ford Medical Center  
          735 John R. Road
          Troy MI  48083
           Larry Olson, O.D.

Type of Practice: Medical Center HMO


Number of MCO students per rotation: 3  (If 2 students are assigned per semester to West Bloomfield, one student will be assigned to the Troy location.  

Orientation Instructions:
You should contact Dr. Finlay or Dr. Olson 6 weeks prior to the first day of the rotation to verify dates, times, directions, parking, and any other instructions.  Report at 7:00 a.m. the first day of the rotation to the West Bloomfield -Troy location for orientation to policies, clinical protocol, administrative procedures, etc.  Completion of Hepatitis B series is required (unless waiver is signed) and annual TB testing must be completed. BE CERTAIN TO TAKE YOUR CURRENT CPR CRD, TB TEST RESTULTS CARD, AND HEP B (OR WAIVER FORM) TO EACH OF YOUR ROTATION SITES.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (231) 591-2202 (Elizabeth Spedoske, Assistant Dean’s Office) or (231) 591-3845 (Dr. Dave Durkee, Director of Externships).

Contact Person: 
West Bloomfield
                 Robert V. Finlay, O.D., 
   Contact Person:
                 Larry Olson, O.D.

   college image Clinical Teaching Faculty:

Robert V. Finlay, O.D.
     Curt Wee, O.D. 
     Larry Olson, O.D.
     Brian Schmidt, O.D.

Support Staff: 7 occupational therapists, 2-3 Opticians, 2 Optometric Technicians/Assistants, 2 Receptionists


Operating Hours:
West Bloomfield

T-Friday: 9:00am-8:00pm, occasional Saturday


college image Hours of direct patient care for extern per day: varies (40+ per week)
    Number of patients seen by extern per day: 8-12

Educational Objectives:

Scope of the Externship:

Chart of Patient Examinations


Chart of Patient Examinations


* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 498
Rotation 2 = 548
Rotation 3 = 533

* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 463
Rotation 2 = 486
Rotation 3 = 598

* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 617
Rotation 2 = 430
Rotation 3 = 709


* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 124
Rotation 2 = 493
Rotation 3 = 517

* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 121

Rotation 2 = 463
Rotation 3 = 526

PC - Primary Care, CL - Contact Lens, VT - VT Evaluation, LV - LV Evaluation, PD - Pediatric, OD - Ocular Disease, F/U - F/U to monitor Tx plan, PRE - Pre-op, POST - Post-op, SC - Screening/ total numbers, SU - Surgeries observed








Geriatric Medicine

Rehabilitative Medicine

General Practice Medicine

Internal Medicine




Dispensing Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy




Humphrey 750 Visual Field Analyzer

Goldmann Projection Perimeter

Fundus Camera

Anterior Segment Photographic Biomicroscope

BIO with condensing lens

Fundus Contact Lenses

Fundus Non-contact lenses

Gonioscopy Lenses

Corneal Topographer


Excimer Laser

Ultrasound OCT/PACH

Scanning laser ophthalmoscope (macular perimetry)


Videos: Dr. Wee (1 min 56 secs) Tour (4 min 19 secs)