Master's in Business Administration

The online MBA program at Ferris can typically be completed in less than two years with an acceptance rate of over 75%. It consists of 36 credit hours of core coursework and a 12-credit concentration for a total of 48 required credits.

What to Expect at the Information Sessions

  • The advantages of an online MBA
  • Why an MBA is the big picture
  • What the Ferris MBA is all about
  • Why a Ferris MBA gives you immediate traction
  • Why Ferris MBA faculty stand above others
  • Why Ferris State University is one of most recognized brands in the industry
  • Pizza, Salads, and soft drinks provided

The Ferris MBA Program
Why an Online MBA?

  • Fully online program
  • Industry seasoned and academically accomplished faculty
  • Electives and areas of interest that provide attractive leadership and problem solving skills
  • Ferris State is a globally recognized and attractive name in education. Your degree will have a lot of value to a very large, global, audience.

Hiring Managers are Willing to Pay MBA's More

According to data collected by U.S. News between 2011 and 2016, the average starting salary and bonus among graduates of ranked MBA programs increased nearly 13 percent, rising from $83,280 to $94,048. Companies in need of an innovative growth strategy are willing to pay a premium for MBA talent.