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FLITE Adaptive Technologies Lab


The Adaptive Technologies Lab is located on the first floor of FLITE across from the North Service Desk. The lab has been developed in conjunction with Disabilities Services specifically to aid students and other library users with disabilities. Equipment in the lab is located on height adjustable tables. In addition to the standard software available on most FLITE PC’s, computers in the Adaptive Technologies Lab include assistive software and equipment, and 21 inch monitors.

Software and Equipment

Arkenstone Open Book Unbound: This software allows voice output of a scanned document. The visually disabled and persons with reading disabilities may find this equipment useful.

Audiocalc Talking Scientific Calculator: Keys “speak” when pressed.

Braille Workstation: The Braille workstation includes a Braille Voyager display terminal, Duxbury for Windows translation software for converting text into Braille format, and a Juliet Classic Braille embosser for printing.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that can be used with other software applications such as email and word processing. Persons with limited mobility in their hands and learning disabled persons may find this program useful. A user must spend time “training” this software to recognize his/her voice in order to achieve accurate performance.

4-track tape recorders/players are available

JAWS for Windows: JAWS is a screen reader designed for blind users.

Kurzweil 3000: This software is a reading system for persons with learning disabilities.

Magnasight Color CCTV: This closed circuit television system magnifies reading, writing, and other materials. Materials are placed on a viewing table and a camera projects the image on a TV screen.

Telecommunication Device for the Deaf: The Checkout Desk and the North Service Desk are equipped with TDD equipment. Call 231.591.2669 for information about the status of materials checked out to you. If you have a reference question, call 231.591.3602.

Television and VCR: Includes closed captioning.

Zoomtext Extra Level 2: This software is designed for low-vision users and combines the features of a screen magnifier with a screen reader.

FLITE Accessibility

FLITE is ADA accessible. If you need assistance, please ask a staff member. Parking for users with disabilities is available near the entrance with the glass pyramid dome. Elevators are located near the main lobby. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located next to the elevators on all floors of the building.

To learn more about services available for the disabled at FSU, contact Disabilities Services located in Starr 313 or call 231-591-3057.