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FLITE Table Reservation Policy

Organizations may reserve a table in the FLITE lobby (Quad Entrance, west side) for promotional purposes. Reservations are recommended at least 48 hours in advance through the reservation system.

  • The table is intended to be used to promote campus events sponsored by registered student organizations (RSO) or university units, class-related information, or public service activities such as voter registration. Displays should be interactive in nature and thus not appropriate for a FLITE display case.
  • Any event involving fundraising must secure permission from the Center for Leadership and Career Services prior to submitting a reservation.
  • The table must be staffed by at least one representative from the RSO or university office/class. To comply with fire code in terms of space utilization, a maximum of four people may staff a table. They must remain at the table.
  • The positioning of the table must comply with fire code. Exit doors width must be maintained from the point of egress through the lobby, vestibule, and outside. The table must be kept back far enough to allow standing space and not impede traffic.
  • The table may not be reserved for direct or indirect promotion or advertising for a commercial product or service or to urge support or opposition to any political candidate, issue, or religious belief.
  • Posters, signs, etc. must fit on the table and may not be attached to the walls behind the tables or placed on the glass panels or doors.
  • Individuals staffing a table are responsible for contacting the Checkout Desk to obtain a table and chairs, and returning their table and chairs when finished.

Approved by the Library Administrative Council, March 20, 2002; revised version approved by the FLITE Leadership Team, December 8, 2004. Revised again, October 7, 2009; revision version approved September 2014; Revisions approved by Dean Scott Garrison August 30, 2016.