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FLITE Table Reservation Policy

One display table is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be reserved for use in the FLITE Extended Hours Area (room 160) or lobby during regular Library service hours.

  • The display table is intended to be used to display campus or class-related information that is interactive in nature and thus not appropriate for a FLITE display case. The display table may also be used for public service activities (e.g., registering students to vote).
  • To ensure enough time for review, planning, and set-up, reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the needed time.
  • Organizations, groups, classes, etc. that are affiliated with Ferris State may reserve a display table by contacting Dorothy Hart by Email or phone: 591-3542.
  • Non-Ferris affiliated organizations generally are not eligible to reserve the display table; however, exceptions to this policy may be made by the Dean of the Library. In the Dean's absence requests for exceptions may be directed to the Department Head for Public Services.
  • In order to reserve the FLITE display table, the reservation form must be completed and sent with your email message, or have it ready when you phone or come in.
  • The display table may be reserved for a maximum of one week at a time; however, in extenuating circumstances (e.g., a class-related assignment) exceptions to this policy may be made.
  • Because of the interactive nature of using the display table, it is strongly recommended that the table be staffed during the time it is in use. Unless special arrangements are made with FLITE staff, failure to staff the table may result in the forfeiture of its use.
  • A poster board display panel is available for use with the display table. The display panel is available at the FLITE Check-out Desk and may be checked out with a valid Bulldog ID card.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse or to remove any display that does not comply with the policies and guidelines herein presented.

Prohibited Uses and Practices

  • The display table may not be reserved for the purposes of solicitation or fundraising and all groups must abide by FLITE Policy Document 2002:01, Private Solicitations to Individuals in FLITE.
  • Library display facilities may not be used to promote or advertise, whether directly or indirectly, a commercial product or service; urge support or opposition to any political candidate or issue; or urge support of or opposition to any religion or religious belief.
  • Material that is obscene, defamatory, invades a particular person's privacy, or directly incites violence will not be posted or displayed.
  • Prices may not be affixed to any material on display, although an exhibitor's name, address and telephone number may be posted.
  • Material and equipment that, in the opinion of the FLITE staff, are potentially dangerous to FLITE users, staff, or property will not be presented in displays.
  • Tables may not block a door.
  • Posters, signs, etc. may not be attached to the walls or windows in FLITE; the display panel must be used for this purpose.
  • Failure to comply with these policies and guidelines may cause your organization to be banned from displaying within FLITE for one full year following the date of non-compliance.

Approved by the Library Administrative Council, March 20, 2002; revised version approved by the FLITE Leadership Team, December 8, 2004. Revised again, October 7, 2009.