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Private Solicitations to Individuals in FLITE

Ferris Library for Information, Technology & Education FLITE Policy Document 2002:01

The purpose of this FLITE policy is to clarify internal issues not addressed specifically by the Board of Trustees policy on campus solicitation1.

  • Distribution of sales literature, placement of solicited orders, delivery of solicited products, and solicitation of charitable contributions are prohibited activities within FLITE. FLITE personnel who wish to patronize vendors or solicitors must do so during non-work time and outside FLITE premises.
  • FLITE personnel who are selling products or soliciting funds either for their own profit (e.g., Avon) or to benefit charitable and community organizations (e.g., Scouts, PTO) must follow the following procedures:
    • Literature and order forms are to be placed in the staff lounge. Literature and order forms may not be distributed in office areas. It is permissible to distribute a single, brief, FLITE-wide email message notifying staff that the materials are available for their voluntary perusal in the lounge.
    • Staff selling products or conducting solicitations must conduct their sales and fund raising during break periods and not during work time.
    • Staff who wish to place orders or make contributions must do so during break periods and not during work time
  • FLITE sponsored fund drives (e.g., solicitations for retirement gifts for FLITE staff) are exempt from the above rules.

    1 The Board of Trustees adopts the following policy as its official policy in relation to fund raising and solicitation drives by external groups involving staff and students of the University:

    This policy provides for University-wide fund solicitation campaigns basically only for the United Fund (community chest) and campaigns relating to official civic ventures for community betterment, unless otherwise recommended by the President. Such policy applies to external agencies and is not intended to interfere with authorized activity of official University organizations of students and faculty on matters of their own internal program concern.

Approved by Library Administrative Council 1-9-2002