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Policy for Circulation of Reference Items

For a variety of reasons, materials designated as and housed in Reference collections represent a valuable, discrete portion of a library's overall holdings. Containing the most up-to-date statistical and informational resources, items in Reference collections traditionally do not circulate in order to help ensure access to these items by patrons at the time when they need to consult them.

Items may circulate from Reference, however, on a limited basis at the discretion of the Librarian or Library Associate on duty. Conditions which may warrant circulation of Reference materials include if a suitable substitute is not found within the circulating collection or if the information needed is too long to be photocopied easily. Whereas individual situations in which a patron may want to borrow a reference item will differ, circulation of Reference materials should remain a rare occurrence.

As a guideline, Reference materials may be checked-out to a Ferris State University faculty or staff member for a period that should not exceed an overnight or 24-hour period and to a Ferris student for a period that should not exceed 2 hours. A permission slip, delineating the duration of the check-out period and signed by a Librarian or Library Associate, is required for the Check-Out Desk to circulate Reference material.

Fines on Reference materials will be assessed at the highest rate currently allowed by the university for library items not returned on time. No 'Grace Period' is accorded overdue Reference material.

Items located in Ready Reference and the Legal Collection, items currently in heavy demand due to a class assignment, and items which comprise part of a set should never circulate.

This policy applies to personal use by library patrons. Classroom or administrative use is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Last revised: August 27, 2002

Approved by FLITE Library Administrative Council October 2, 2002