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Ferris Library for Information, Technology, and Education

FLITE Noise Policy

FLITE is a place of research, study, collaboration, teaching, and learning. To facilitate an environment that is conducive to learning, users of the Library should respect the rights of others and refrain from disruptive behavior such as making excessive noise while in the building. Certain areas in FLITE are designated as Quiet Zones; however, please be considerate of those working and studying around you in all parts of the Library.

  • Headphones may be used in the library, but the noise level should be kept low enough not to bother others.
  • Headphones should be used with personal computers or laptops. If it is necessary to use the speakers, please go to a study room or the extended hours area.

Quiet Zones

  • Quiet Zones are intended for library users requiring a minimum of noise and distraction. Please refrain from conversations and group study while in the Quiet Zones (although brief, whispered conversations are permitted when necessary).
  • Absolutely no cell phone use in Quiet Zones.
  • Designated Quiet Zones include:
    • 3rd Floor seating and computer areas
    • Extended hours area (only when the main part of FLITE is closed)
  • In addition to the Quiet Zones, there are other places in the Library where there is not as much traffic, activity, and noise: the seating area next to the Reference Collection on 1st Floor, the 2nd Floor Reading Room (room no. 240), and study rooms.
  • Library users whose quiet study is disrupted are encouraged to ask the noise-makers to be quieter and/or to inform staff at the Check-out Desk.

Study Rooms

  • Normal conversation is acceptable in study rooms as long as it does not bother other Library users.
  • Television and videos may be viewed in study rooms so equipped; however, please set the volume at normal conversational levels or use headphones.
  • Keep in mind that study rooms are not soundproof. Please be considerate of people studying in adjacent rooms.

Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms and Instructional Studios

  • Please keep the doors closed while conducting activities in these rooms; people may be studying in adjacent areas.
  • Student groups that are unduly noisy or disruptive may forfeit their right to future use of FLITE rooms.

Code of Community Standards

All FLITE users are expected to abide by University and Library policies and will be asked by staff to comply if necessary. Users who continue to violate the noise policy may be asked to leave the building.

If there is excessive noise or conversation in your vicinity that you consider to be disruptive, you are encouraged to ask the noise-makers to be quieter. You may also report the disturbance at the Check-out Desk or to other Library staff members.

Library staff may request the assistance of the Department of Public Safety should a Library user continue to be disruptive or become belligerent.

The FLITE Noise Policy is based on the University's Code of Community Standards, also known as the Student Handbook. According to the Student Handbook, the policy on personal misconduct prohibits "disorderly conduct that interferes with teaching, research, administration, or other University or University-authorized activity or that disrupts the university environment either during the event or incident or as a result of an event or incident" (Section III, item B-8).

The Student Handbook identifies as personal misconduct the "failure to comply with the directions of authorized University officials in the performance of their duties, failure to identify oneself when requested to do so, failure to comply with reasonable requests of other students, or failure to comply with the terms of the disciplinary sanction" (Section III, item B-9).

Library staff, including student employees who are carrying out assigned work responsibilities, are considered to be University officials.

Approved by FLITE Library Administrative Council. June 3, 2009.