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Laptop/Camera Checkout Policy

Laptops and digital cameras are available for checkout by Ferris State University students, faculty and staff at the FLITE checkout desk.

A valid Ferris ID must be presented in order to check out equipment.

Only one laptop or digital camera may be checked out by an individual at any given time.

Designated laptops may be checked out for up to four hours of in-library use only (excluding the Extended Studies Area, during the hours when the main part of the library is open).

The borrower must provide a name, FerrisID barcode number, and signature on the Equipment Checkout Agreement form, thereby agreeing

  • to accept full responsibility for the equipment in the event of damage or loss
  • to follow the guielines outlined in Proper Use of Information Resources, Information Technology and Networks Policy by Ferris State University.
  • to wait while FLITE employees review the status of the equipment and its component parts at the point of checkout and check-in , i.e. to verify that all parts have been returned and are intact
  • to pay any fines accrued as a result of lost or damaged equipment or for equipment that is past due:
    • Late fee: $15/hour or portion thereof/minimum charge
    • Missing/damaged power adaptor/cord: $60
    • Missing/damaged battery: $130
    • Missing/damaged carrying case: $70
    • Replacement cost for laptop: $1400
    • Replacement cost for digital camera: $300
    • Repair costs: will be assessed and may vary

FLITE personnel are not responsible for retrieving information or files that are lost or left on laptop.

Equipment must be returned to the Checkout Desk by no later thatn 15 minutes prior to the due date/time.

Equipment may only be renewed if nobody else has requested it.

If it is determined that the equipment is damaged at the point of check-in, a Suspected Damage Form must be completed by the borrower.

Policy adopted July 15, 2006; revised in August 2012. Clerical updates on December 13, 2013. Revised and approved by Scott Garrison, Dean of the Library on January 30, 2016. Revised and approved by Scott Garrison, Dean of the Library on October 17, 2016. Scheduled for review in July 2016.