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Food and Beverages Policy


In the public areas of FLITE, users are encouraged to use beverage containers with lids to minimize spills. Should spills occur, please alert staff as soon as possible for clean up. Cleaning supplies will be provided for users at the circulation desk on the main floor and near the service desk on second floor. Users will be encouraged to clean up their own small spills. If the user does not clean up, staff may clean up small spills at their own discretion. Large spills should be referred to physical plant. Inform the Dean's secretary (3727) before 5 p.m. who will contact physical plant about large spills. After 5 p.m., contact the circulation desk for incidents that require physical plant. Cups, pop cans or bottles, while not encouraged, will not be confiscated. If there are any questions, contact your supervisor.


Food is allowed in FLITE. Food is also allowed in the seminar rooms. Since, in the past, many groups have used the seminar rooms for catered events, this is in keeping with past practice. Current policy is that there will be a charge of $25 for excessive clean up to the person who made the reservation. As with past practice, groups are responsible to leave seminar rooms in the same condition they found the room. Again, cleaning supplies are available for public use on the main and second floors. Food and drink is not allowed in the Special Collections Room, FLITE 220.

Instruction Studios

Food and drink policies including clean up in the instruction studios are the responsibility of the instruction librarians and their faculty partners.

This brings the policy more in line with reality, especially with food and drink being brought into the library by university and other catering services for functions in the seminar rooms. It will hopefully relieve the faculty and staff of duties which may unnecessarily interfere with our function and pedagogical relationships as a teaching library. The policy brings a consistent philosophy to FLITE that food and drink are allowed but messes need to be dealt with. The policy eliminates the inconsistency and a judgment call of this food item is allowed, but this is not allowed. It changes the burden on FLITE personnel from enforcement to assisting with clean up should it be necessary. FLITE staff may help with messes at their own discretion. Keeping FLITE in good order is the responsibility of all who work in the building.

This policy will be reviewed at the end of the Fall Semester 2008 to see if revision is necessary.

Reviewed by FLITE Library Administrative Council, April 2008