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Emeriti & Retirees

Ferris emeriti and retirees may obtain their official Ferris ID at the Timme Center for Student Services. Emeriti will retain the same library privileges as current faculty and staff, subject to the licensing agreements with database service providers and other vendors. All fees assessed will be at the same rate as faculty and staff. The following describes specific library privileges for emeriti and retirees:

  • Borrowing Privileges: Most library materials can be borrowed with the official Ferris Emeriti/Retiree ID under the same parameters as a current faculty or staff member. Some restrictions are in effect, however, for materials reserved for certain academic courses.
  • Use within FLITE Building: Emeriti are free to use books, journals/magazines, computers, rooms, electronic databases, and other informational resources while in the building during normal posted business hours. Services that normally incur a charge, such as printing or photocopying still will be charged.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Interlibrary loan privileges for emeriti and retirees are exactly the same as those for current faculty or staff members.
  • Remote Access: Remote access to library materials is very limited. In licensing agreements most database vendors expressly limit access to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff. We have a legal obligation to abide by these licenses. Databases that provide statewide access are available through Michigan eLibrary using one's driver's license number as a password. Access to the FLITE Online Catalog is unrestricted.

Approved by Dean Scott Garrison. March 2017.