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FLITE Course Reserves Policy

The use of course reserves is to ensure equitable access to materials in high demand. The reserve collection is kept at the Checkout Desk of the Ferris Library for Information, Technology & Education. Regularly assigned, recommended, or required readings are placed in the reserve collection at the request of Ferris faculty members and course instructors to support the academic programs of the University. Library staff may also decide to place valuable and/or heavily used materials on reserve. To have materials placed in the reserve collection, please observe the following:

  • A reserve request form is available online.
  • To ensure that materials are available when classes begin, reserve requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester. During the rest of the semester, an advance notice of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) is required.
  • Photocopies of copyrighted material must conform to copyright law. Copyright clearance is the responsibility of the faculty member who places the materials on reserve. Proof of copyright permission will need to be submitted before items are placed on reserve. Copyright information and a sample permission letter are available on the library copyright page. Please see Copyright Basics for more information.
  • Loan periods are two hours, four hours, one day, three days, one week, and two weeks as determined by course instructors.
  • Space constraints limit the number of materials that can be on reserve. Faculty members should pick up materials at the end of a semester if they are not being used in a class the following semester. The FLITE staff will identify any materials that are rarely used. Faculty and instructors may be asked to review reserve lists to consider removal of less frequently used materials from reserve.
  • Personal material will be accepted for reserves; however, the library is not responsible for lost or damaged materials. Upon request, FLITE staff members will place security tags on personal materials placed on loan in the reserve collection.

Approved by Dean Scott Garrison, Library. December 2015.

Date of Next Review: December 2016.