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MeLCat Information for Distance Education Students

If you are enrolled at Ferris as a Distance Education student (i.e. taking classes at our off-site locations), you may find a new system of library resource sharing to be of benefit to you. MeLCat is a statewide online catalog that provides patrons access to book materials from many participating Michigan libraries. Patrons can intiate a request for an item by simply searching the MeLCat system and entering their personal information.

Can I use MeLCat as a Distance Education Student?

To use MeLCat, you must be a patron of one of the participating libraries. For a list of participating libraries, please click here.

Can't I use Ferris State University as my "home" library?

MeLCat requested items are delivered to your home library so you will want to use a participating library that is near your house. For Distance Education Students this means that you will NOT want to use Ferris State University as your home library unless you intend to drive to Big Rapids to retrieve the delivered materials.

So I've found a participating library near my house, now what do I do?

If you have a participating library near your home, first make sure that you are a patron of that library and obtain a library card. Once you have a library card from that library, you will be able to search MeLCat for books you need. Then, when placing a request in MeLCat simply use your local library account and not Ferris.

I don't live anywhere near a participating library! What do I do?

FLITE will continue to offer traditional interlibrary loan service in addition to MeLCat. If you have a book you need and can't use MeLCat, simply place a request with us through InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and we will mail you the book. Please note however that while MeLCat does not have any fees associated with it, when using our ILL services you will be responsible for paying postage to mail the book back to us.

For questions relating to MeLCat, Email David Scott.