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Copyright Guidelines

Copyright is a complex and complicated issue for universities. At Ferris State, all faculty, staff and students are expected to act as responsible users of copyrighted works. Copyright law includes the rights of copyright owners to protect their work but also limits their work through exceptions such as fair use.

There are campus mechanisms available for copyright clearance at Ferris State University. Offices which can provide copyright clearances for certain items include the bookstore and FLITE. For further details contact these areas directly. Areas which do not provide copyright clearance include the copy center and the media production department. In those cases it is the reponsibility of the customer to first obtain permissions.

A policy for the use of copyrighted materials was accepted at the November 6, 2007 Academic Senate meeting. A copy of the policy is available here. It has not yet been implemented.

Contact: Melinda Isler
Phone: 231-591-3731
Office: FLITE 358

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