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Preservation Scanning

The University Archives and Records Management frequently is asked about scanning of materials for access. Some guidelines are provided on this page although it is not a exhaustive list. It is based on recommended guidelines for materials which are going to be placed into the Ferris Institutional Repository.

There are a number of issues relating to scanning projects. Several website best practices, guidelines,and tutorials are available on this topic. It is important to select the correct scanner for a project. Be aware that for fragile material, an automatic document feeder may not be the best option. Flatbed scanners are usually the recommended option. Please click here for a list of recommended settings in scanning a file.

For a video demonstration of scanning a page from a book using an Epson GT20000 scanner, please review the scanning video. This video may be viewed using Windows Media Player and any program which can read an avi formatted file.

While there are scanning stations used by the University Archives for internal projects, these are not available to the public for use. Public scanning stations are available in FLITE on the 3 multimedia computers to the north of the Oval Information desk on the 1st floor.

If you need further information about scanning and scanner guidelines for preservation scanning, please contact the University Archives staff.

Contact: Melinda McMartin Isler, University Archivist

Telephone: (231) 591-3731

Office: Alumni 101
410 Oak Street
Big Rapids, MI 49307

photo of scanning equipment. Undated.