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Several of our collections have a collection guide called a finding aid. If a collection is larger than a box, it has a brief description in our online catalog and the finding aid. Finding aids describe a collection to a folder level. To browse through collection abstracts, the University Archives has created a brief description page, organized by title. If you click on the title, it will bring up the complete finding aid. Collections are divided into University Records and Manuscript Collections.

University Records. A-B

1970 Presidential Search Committee. 1970. 0.5 cubic feet

In 1970, a campus-wide appointed committee headed by Dacho Dachoff oversaw the process to replace retiring president Victor Spathelf. These records doccoument their processes and procedures.

Academic Program Review Council Records. 1987-2015. 22.5 cubic feet

This collection contains the records of the Academic Program Review Council. It consists primarily of the reports submitted to the group as part of the review process, but also contains some of the recommendations of the group to the Provost/ Vice President of Academic Affairs and the responses from the Provost regarding to the recommendations and other committee materials.

Alumni Bulletin. 1972-1994. 2.0 cubic feet.

The Alumni Bulletin is the official publication of the alumni association. This publication includes alumni success stories, columns by university administrators and information about current campus activities. It replaced the School Bulletin. The collection contains a complete run of the publication between 1972-1994.

Alumni Journal/ School Bulletin. 1925-1972. 1.7 cubic feet.

The Alumni Journal is a publication produced through the Office of Public Affairs for graduates and others interested in affairs of the institution. It is a monthly (later quarterly) publication produced in tabloid format. It was later replaced by the Alumni Bulletin. This collection contains all known issues of the publication between 1925-1972.

American Association of University Women (Big Rapids, Mich. Branch) Records. 1954. 0.5 cubic feet.

The records consist of individual surveys called the Community Survey of Women Power and a report summary of the survey conducted by the American Association of University Women in 1954.

Archives Task Force Records. 1989-1993. 0.14 cubic feet.

The Archives Task Force was formed to advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President on the management of historical records between February-December 1993. The records in the collection consist of correspondence, membership lists, minute, reports and a cancelled search for a University archivist position.

Association of Ferris Women Records. 1955-1988. 1.5 cubic feet.

The Association of Ferris Women was an organization founded in 1958 to promote fellowship and to be of service to the Ferris Dames organization. Membership was open to all women faculty and wives of faculty. The organization provided a variety of activities and monthly programs that enabled the members fostered friendship with other Ferris women. Records include administrative records, committee records, financial records, membership lists and programs.

Athletic Advisory Committee Records. 1963-2006. 0.52 cubic feet; 1 electronic collection.

The Athletic Advisory Committee is a faculty based committee providing assistance, guidance and support to the athletic programs at Ferris State University. The records in the collection consist of agendas, correspondence, eligibility lists, minutes and other records relating to the meetings.

Autobiography of Woodbridge Ferris Records. 1927-1996. 1.5 cubic feet.

he Autobiography of W.N. Ferris Records contain the records relating to the publishing of the autobiography in 1995. It includes drafts of the manuscript text, photographs, the introduction and book cover. It also includes adminstrative records about the production and distribution of the publication. The records cover 1937-1948 and 1994-1996.

Aviation Program Records. 1939-1943. 1.5 cubic feet.

The aviation program was run in cooperation with the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) during World War II. The records of the program consist primarily of student records and of informational materials supplied by the CAA.

Big Rapids Industrial Newsletter. 1884-1885. 0.2 cubic feet.

The periodical called the Big Rapids Industrial School Newsletter was the earliest known publication of Ferris Institute. It provided course and class information and served as an advertisement. The last known issue was in 1885. It was replaced by the publication Useful Education.

Board of Trustees Records. 1894-ongoing. 28 cubic feet.

The records of the Board of Trustees includes minutes, board packets, correspondence, reports and legal records of the governing board of Ferris State University. The records document the creation of a state university, the growth of both the physical campus and the student body, the financial status and the curricula of a career based education.

Brophy, Byron J.- Papers. 1938-1952.

Bryon J. Brophy (1895-1962) served as Ferris's eighth president from 1946-1952. During his term, Ferris Institute became a Michigan state college and suffered a devastating fire which destroyed over two-thirds of the campus. His papers include materials relating to the fire, the building of veterans related program, the struggle for financial support and the administration of the school.

Brown, Ernest T.- Papers. 1932-1935. 1.5 cubic feet.

Ernest Edward Brown (1892-1958) was president of Ferris from November 1932- February 1936. During his tenure at Ferris, Brown struggled with Ferris Institute's heavy debt load. During one year, Brown served without pay. He also focused on student recruitment. The papers consist of student recruitment and advertising strategy correspondence.

Budget Records 1955-1999. 3.0 cubic feet.

These records contain various budget requests and supporting documentation. Reports are separated into operating budgets, capital outlay budget and reallocation budgets.

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University Records. C-E

Campus Directory. 1940-2015. 3.0 cubic feet.

Annual directories provide information about staff and students. Some issues also contain organizational information about the university. It has been produced since 1928.

Campus Office Girls Records. 1950-1998. 1.7 cubic feet.

The Campus Office Girls organization was founded in 1950 to facilitate introductions between new personnel and previously employed staff. Functions included educational programs, social activities and charitable donations. The group later affiliated with the Michigan Association of Educational Secretaries. Records include financial records, administrative records, membership lists and programs.

Career Services and Placement Records. 1965-2003. 1.5 cubic feet.

The Career Services and Placement Office existed as part of Ferris under a variety of names to aid graduates in locating jobs. In 2003, it became part of Student Employment. The office provided job leads for students and statistical information for the institution about the placement of graduates. The records consist primarily of annual reports, graduate placement surveys and placement bulletins.

Catalog Records. 1894-2002. 4.5 cubic feet.

In 1894, a decade after beginning the Big Rapids Industrial School, Woodbridge N. Ferris published the first separate catalog. The catalog provided basic information about the school, the curricula and programs available. It was produced annually until 1976 when it became a biannual publication. The catalog ceased to exist in print format in 2002.

Centennial Committee Records. 1952-1953. 0.2 cubic feet.

The Centennial Committee records detail the anniversary celebrations of the birth of founder Woodbridge N. Ferris in 1953. Organized by a committee, the celebration was split into the actual birthday commemoration on January 6, 1953 and a later celebration in May 1953. The records consist of correspondence, minutes, programs, publicity and other organizational materials.

Centennial Task Force Records. 1967-1987. 7.5 cubic feet.

Ferris State College celebrated its centennial during the 1983-1984 academic year. The planning for the celebrations had begun in 1979 through an advisory committee created by President Robert L. Ewigleben. The Centennial Task Force records consist of the planning files and products of the celebration, as collected by the Centennial Task Force office and from the chairman.

Century of Opportunity Records. 1982. 1.5 cubic feet.

In preparation for Ferris State College's 1984 centennial celebrations, retired public relations employee Joseph Deupree wrote the centennial institutional history. The book was a mixture of legends and facts, with numerous illustrations. This collection contains drafts of chapters that both made it into the final print, other manuscript materials and graphics and layout patterns.

Chulski, Thomas- Papers. 1959-1988. 1.5 cubic feet.

Thomas Chulski served as a faculty member in the Department of Physical Sciences at Ferris State University from 1959-1988. He taught various levels of undergraduate physical science and chemistry courses. Records include lesson plans, memos, seminar notes and worksheets.

Class Schedule Books. 1963-2004. 4.5 cubic feet.

This publication provides a listing of courses, instructores and locations by quarter/semester. The collection complains a run of the publication between 1963-2004. After 2004, the publication was only available online.

Commencement Records. 1889-ongoing. 6.0 cubic feet.

Commencement officially began at Ferris Institute in June 1906 and continues at the conclusion of every semester. It serves as a recognition ceremony for students who have completed their course of study. Records in this series include programs, invitations, instructions, speeches, graduate lists and organizational materials.

Committee on Instruction Records. 1959-1978. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Committee on Instruction advised the president on institutional policies and practices which effected the instructional programs. It was headed by the Vice President for Instruction/ Academic Affairs and membership included deans, the registrar, admissions and faculty representatives. Activities include the review of both curricula and policies.

Crimson and Gold Records. 1994-2009. 1.5 cubic feet.

Crimson and Gold is a the alumni newsmagazine published seasonally by the alumni office. This publication provides alumni stories, including class notes, columns by current Ferris administrators and stories about campus. The collection contains a complete run of the publication between 1994-2005.

Dachoff, Dacho- Papers. 1892-1992. 13.7 cubic feet.

Dacho Dachoff directed the music program at Ferris State College from 1957-1977 and taught until his retirement in 1983. His activities including conducting the band, leading student groups and improving the role of all arts on the campus. The papers contain personal and teaching information, in addition to project data relating to projects promoting the arts on campus.

Degree Program Costs Reports Records. 1984-2014. 1.5 cubic feet.

The degree program cost reports are a series of statistical analyses of program costs including student credit hours, instructor costs, departmental costs, and costs within a college. The reports are produced by Institutional Research and Testing.

Distinguished Teacher Award Committee Records. 1961-2004. 0.4 cubic feet.

The Distinguished Teacher Award Committee annually recommends names of faculty members to be the Distinguished Teacher of the Year. This supports Ferris's mission as a teaching institution. Records in the collection consist of correspondence, minutes and publicity.

Don Halm Jazz Music Collection. 1924-2003. 68 boxes.

This is a collection of jazz, swing, big band and contemporary music, primarily on albums. It also includes some cd compilations and printed material.

Educational Planning Committee Records. 1968-1987. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Educational Planning Committee was formed in 1970 to assess educational structure and to provide faculty with an outlet to advise the administration on long range planning. The records consist of correspondence, minutes and reports. There are also specific curriculum proposals and program reviews.

Enrollment Growth Task Force Records. 2004. 0.2 cubic feet.

These records contain the working papers of a task force charged by President David Eisler to develop and plan enrollment strategies which would aid the continued expansion of Ferris State University. The records contain membership lists, minutes, reports and supporting documentation.

Environmental Studies Management Center Records. 1973-2002. 1.5 cubic feet.

The Environmental Studies Management Center was founded in 1972 after receiving a federal grant. The center utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching environmental planning and management. Students carry out assessment and survey projects in the local area under the direction of the guidance of faculty members. The records consist of reports produced by the students.

Ewigleben, Robert L.- Papers. 1971-1985. 21 cubic feet.

Robert W. Ewigleben (1928- ) served as Ferris's twelfth president from 1971-1984. He oversaw a period of extensive growth on the campus, with expansion of programs and the physical facilities. His papers include material relating to civil rights issues, governmental relations, the growth of sports, and the creation of the College of Optometry.

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University Records. F

Fact Book Records. 1991-2016. 1.6 cubic feet.

The Ferris Fact Book provides basic statistical information about the university. It is produced annually. This collection contains a complete run of the publication.

Charles Fairman Papers. 1928-1962. 0.4 cubic feet.

Charles E. Fairman (1902 -1978) was a 1922 graduate of the Ferris pharmacy program. As a Big Rapids resident who owned a chain of pharmacy stores, Fairman was active in the governance of Ferris Institute. He served on the Board of Incorporators from 1931-1950 and on the Board of Trustees from 1950-1967. Records in the collection include financial statements, correspondence with Ferris Institute administration and materials relating to World War II community service activities.

Ferris, Woodbridge N.- Collection. 1873-1925. 0.5 cubic feet.

This collection contains material discovered in a house in Chevy Chase Maryland about Woodbridge N. Ferris. It includes correspondence, writings and phrenology reports.

Ferris, Woodbridge N.- Papers. 1880-1969. 10.5 cubic feet.

Woodbridge N. Ferris (1853-1928) was the founder of Ferris Industrial School in 1884 which later became Ferris State University. He also served as Governor of Michigan (1913-1916) and a United States Senator (1922-1928). A strong proponent of vocational education, Ferris believed in modifying education to meet the current needs of the people. The papers consist of correspondence, writings and subject files primarily relating to his involvement with his school.

Ferris Dames Records. 1956-1974. 0.5 cubic feet.

This collection contains administrative records including correspondence, membership lists, minutes and program related materaials. The Ferris chapter of the National Association of University Dames was founded in 1956. By 1965, it had doubled its membership to over 80 students. It served both as an educational and social outlet for the wives of Ferris students.

Ferris Expositor 1956-1973. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Ferris Expositor served as an internal publication that communicated information about campus staff and events. It was edited by the public affairs office to provide concise summaries for a rapidly expanding campus. The publication ran between 1956-1973 and was replaced by the FYI.

Ferris Faculty Loan Association Records. 1893-1899. 0.12 cubic feet.

The Ferris Loan Fund Association was formed in 1893 by Ferris faculty to provide a loan source for current students. The collection consists of a single minute book detailing disbursements of funds and membership.

Ferris Heritage Lecture Collection. 1979-1994. 1.5 cubic feet.

Between 1979-1994, the University Archives and the Archival Advisory Committee sponsored the Heritage Lecture series in which talks about the history of Ferris State University and Mecosta County were given. The collection includes audio recordings and transcripts.

Ferris Institute Journal. 1899-1910. 0.2 cubic feet.

This publication replaced the quarterly Useful Education. It detailed programs at Ferris Institute including schedules, activities and admissions requirements. It also had articles on educational issues.

Ferris Institute Calender. 1912-1916. 0.2 cubic feet.

Ferris Institute Calender is a school sponsored publication. It contained pages and photographs for various months. The collection contains a complete run of the publication.

Ferris Institute News. 1900-1904; 1920-1931. 1.2 cubic feet.

The publication Ferris Institute News served as a combination of alumni journal, school newspaper and staff newsletter. Special editions were created about significant events such as Homecoming or the deaths of Woodbridge N. Ferris or Gerrit Masselink. The News provided information about the current events to the Ferris Institute students and Big Rapids residents. The last known issue was March 1931.

Ferris Institute Newsletter. 1951-1955. 0.8 cubic feet.

Ferris Institute Newsletter is a publication produced through the Office of Public Affairs for the President of Ferris Institute. This brief weekly publication provides summaries of such activities as publications, recruitment, staff information and enrollment. This collection contains a complete run of the publication between 1951-1955.

Ferris Magazine Records. 2009-ongoing. 0.3 cubic feet.

Ferris Magazine is the alumni newsmagazine published seasonally by the alumni office. This publication provides alumni stories, including class notes, columns by current Ferris administrators and stories about campus. The collection contains a complete run of the publication from 2009- .

Ferris Torch. 1931-ongoing. 37 cubic feet.

The Ferris Torch is a weekly student newspaper publication. Content includes national, local, campus news and sports; reviews; Associated Press news and features and student columns. This collection. This collection contains all known issues of the publication between 1932-2005.

Ferris State Theatre Records.1932-1994. 0.4 cubic feet.

Theatre activities were a part of university programming from the early part of the century. Plays were directed by a faculty member and casts included staff, students and community members. Records include programs, historical information and limited publicity.

FI Advertiser. 1915-1917. 0.2 cubic feet.

In 1912, Wesley W. Knisley, an instructor in the commercial department, began a monthly alumni journal. The journal was advertised by the advertising class, and sold by the salesmanship class. It included articles about current events at Ferris Institute and alumni news. The last known issue was January 1917.

Financial Reports; Audit Reports. 1945-1997. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Financial Reports/Audit Reports contain the annual certified financial statements required by law. Reports are filed chronologically by year. State audits are also included.

FYI. 1973-2007. 7.5 cubic feet.

FYI is a multi-page publication produced through the news/communications office. This weekly staff publication provides information on staff activities, activities of the institution and its various programs. This collection contains a complete run of the publication between 1973-2005.

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University Records. G-N

General Education Convocation Council Records. 1955-1985. 1.0 cubic feet.

The General Education Convocation Council (GECC) utilized college funds to bring in speakers, acts and films to educate students. It was the predecessor of the Arts and Lectures committee. The collection consists of administrative records, schedules and programs from the various events.

Gerholz, Robert P.- Papers. 1916-1981. 0.4 cubic feet.

Robert P. Gerholz (1897 -1985) served on the Ferris State Board of Control from 1967-1982. Gerholz was a 1916 graduate of Ferris Institute who became a prominent business leader in the real estate, construction and commercial development professions. From 1965-1966, he was the president of the National Chamber of Commerce. Gerholz was active in the post-World War II home building explosion but was also a civic leader, active in his Presbyterian Church of Flint, Michigan. The papers contain correspondence and programs relating to his involvement in various home building associations, and his political activities. There are also several photographs of Gerholz at a variety of events.

Gifts and Grants Reports. 1959-1969. 0.3 cubic feet.

These are the official reports of all gifts received by the college. It details the donor, use and amount of gifts.

Graphic Arts Department Records. 1940-1983. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Graphic Arts Department was created in 1966 as part of the School of Technical and Applied Arts. The records consist of administrative files, advisory board files, curricula files and research materials. There are also records relating to outside conferences and symposia sponsored by the department. The records span the dates 1940-1983.

Historical/ Archival Advisory Committee Records. 1977-1995. 0.2 cubic feet.

This committee was a faculty based committee providing assistance, guidance and support to the Ferris State University Archives. It merged in 1995. The collection consists of annual reports, membereship lists, minutes and other meeting records.

History Task Force Oral History Project Records. 2003-2004. 0.25 cubic feet.

This collection contains recordings and transcripts of Ferris emeriti and supporters interviewed as part of the History Task Force oral history project.

Homecoming Records. 1926- ongoing. 1.5 cubic feet.

Homecoming was organized in 1926 as an activity planned by a fraternity. Originally just a single day event revolving around the football game, Homecoming evolved into a week of activities supported by the university and focused on alumni. Records include programs, invitations and supporting documentation.

Library Advisory Committee Records. 1966-1986. 0.2 cubic feet.

The Library Advisory Committee was created by President Victor Spatthelf to improve library-faculty relations. The records in the collection consist of reports, membership lists, minutes and other records relating to the meetings.

Linta, Edward L.- Papers. 1957-1983. 4.5 cubic feet.

Edward Linta began as an administrator for Ferris State University and served in a variety of capacities including: Vice-President for Student Affairs and Associate Vice-President for Personnel and Labor Relations. The collection primarily consists of records relating to his tenure in Student Affairs, including board activities, policies, projects and research files of similar projects from other universities.

Manor Family Collection. 1942-1985. 1.7 cubic feet.

The Manor Family Collection documents the dental technology programsat Ferris State College. Dr. Richard C. Manor was a professor ofDental Laboratory Technology of the College of Allied Health at FerrisState University from 1965 to 1979. The collection includes dentaltechnology books, brochures, and manuals as well as miscellaneousdental instrumentation.

Masselink, Gerrit- Papers. 1907-1930. 4.5 cubic feet.

Gerrit Masselink (1872-1929) was the second president and early instructor at the Ferris Institute. He taught mathematics, science and Bible study from 1898-1929. Masselink was also one of the earliest supporters of athletics at Ferris. As a politician, Masselink organized the Mecosta Bull Moose party, and later ran unsuccessfully as a Progressive Republican and Democratic candidate for several offices. The papers consist of correspondence, writings and subject files primarily relating to his involvement with the school and the first major fundraising campaign.

Media Packet Records. 1992-2006. 9.0 cubic feet.

Media packets provide a compilation of print based publication articles which have mentioned Ferris State University. It includes newspaper articles, magazines and news releases. Packets became electronic-only after June 2003.

Michigan College of Optometry Student Auxiliary Records. 1976-1983. 0.4 cubic feet.

The MCO Auxiliary was a student chapter of the Auxiliary of the American Optometric Association. Their mission was to provide assistance, guidance and support to Michigan optometrists. The records in the collection consist of scrapbooks and photos.

Money, Cloyd B.-Papers. 1940-1942. 0.2 cubic feet.

The Cloyd V. Money Papers contains newsclippings and items about the athletics programs at Ferris Institute between 1940-1942. Most of the materials relate to basketball and football.

Music Program Records. 1911-2012. 5.2 cubic feet.

The Music Program at Ferris State University began in 1884. Events include annual concerts, summer community band performances, and guest performances. Records inclue programs from these events and documents pertaining to the music program, such as: member information, student organizations, new announcements and publications, correspondence, program pamplets, and student handbooks. The records span from 1941 to 2009.

New Student Record Collection. 1989-1993. 0.2 cubic feet.

This collection contains an incomplete run of a publicaiton called New Student Record. It includes photos of freshman and sections with photos on campus activities.

Newton, Roy B.- Papers. 1875-1975. 12.0 cubic feet.

Roy Newton (1904-1974) held a variety of positions at Ferris Institute including faculty, dean, publications director and Alumni Director. His papers include his research and writings, as well as materials collected from his professional activities.

North Central Association Accreditation Records. 1939-2011. 10.5 cubic feet.

In 1939, President Merle Ward initiated the first review visit by members of the North Central Association. It was not until 1959 that Ferris received full accreditation. Accreditation occurred at periodic intervals subsequently as a result of the review process or a change in academic focus. Records include site visit records, self study reports, supporting documentation and committee preparation for accreditation. Records span the dates 1939-2001 with the bulk of the records from 1955-1987.

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University Records. O-R

Omicron Delta Kappa Records 1965-1994. 1.5 cubic feet.

This fraternity encourages leadership qualities in students and the pursuit of excellence. It was formally chartered in April 1971 after having a local group for six years. The records consist primarily of photographs and banquet related materials. There are few minutes or other programmatic materials.

Pharmacy Seminar Records. 1953-1991. 3.0 cubic feet.

The Pharmacy Seminar program began in 1953 as an avenue for pharmacy alumni to congregate and discuss current and controversial issues in the discipline. Programs included a full day of events, including meals. Seminars are still held annually. The records include brochures, correspondence, planning materials, programs, and registration lists.

Prakken, Lawrence W.- Papers. 1950-1977. 1.5 cubic feet.

Lawrence W. Prakken (1909-1987) was one of the original Board of Control members appointed by the State of Michigan in 1950. He remained on the board until 1977, serving both as chair and vice-chair. The owner of Prakken Publications, Prakken was a University of Michigan graduate. He served Ferris through presidential searches, the founding of the College of Optometry and numerous construction projects. The papers contain correspondence and programs relating to his involvement in Board activities, and a folder of photographs of Ferris events.

President's Annual Report Records. 1936-2002. 0.8 cubic feet.

The annual reports produce summaries of the year's activities including academic programs, budget and the campus environment. Not all presidents produced annual reports. The collection lists all known reports.

Presidential Cabinet Records. 1956-1996. 1.5 cubic feet.

The Presidential Cabinet has had different names but consists of high level administrators who act to advise and inform the president of the institution. Records within the collection include agendas, minutes and some supporting documentation.

Prism Collection. 1979-2013. 1.2 cubic feet.

The Prism is a collection of prize-winning essays, term papers, technical/professional writing/script writing, short fiction, and artwork created by students of Ferris State University. It is judged by a committee of FSU faculty and produced by the Department of Languages and Literature.

Productivity Report Records. 1981-2016. 1.0 cubic feet.

The Productivity Reports are produced annually and provides statistical information drawn from computer systems about number of student credit hours, numbers of full time equated faculty and the productivity ration. Reports cover a four to five year period. This collection contains only the final reports.

Public Administration Program Records. 1972-1984. 4.5 cubic feet.

These records consist of student internship records from the Public Administration program. Records include student evaluations, reports and site information.

Representative Faculty Advisory Council (RFAC) Records. 1954-1987. 12.0 cubic feet.

The RFAC served as the representative faculty board to the president of the college. The records consist of administrative records, correspondence, reports and subject files.

Reitz, Henry C.- Papers. 1956-1976. 0.5 cubic feet.

Henry Reitz (born in 1906) served as a faculty member in the Department of Physical Sciences at Ferris State College from 1963-1973, and as department head from 1963-1973. The papers include annotated lecture and lab manuals.

Report of Examination Records. 1958-1981. 0.4 cubic feet.

These are the official audit reports for specified funds/projects of the university. The majority of the reports were produced by Ernst and Ernst.

Retention and Graduation Reports. 1993-2013. 1.0 cubic feet.

The retention and graduation report is a series of statistical analyses of graduation rates subdivided by categories such as college, department and high school gradepoint average. The reports cover the years following the conversion to a semesters schedule.

Rossi, Heddy- Papers. 1946-1983. 0.5 cubic feet.

Heddy S. Rossi (1891-1985) directed Ferris's Little Theatre (also called both the Ferris Playhouse and Ferris State Theatre) from 1946-1958. She was an internationally known playwright who premiered some of her works at Ferris Institute. Her papers consist primarily of manuscript copies of plays and other writings.

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University Records. S-Z

Sabbatical Leave Records. 1967-ongoing. 7.5 cubic feet.

The Sabbatical Leave Records are a subset of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs Records. Each faculty member on sabbatical submits a report on the sabbatical activities which is maintained by the University.

Sayings of Woodbrige N. Ferris Records. 1983-2009. 0.5 cubic feet.

This collection contains printer proofs of various printings of the Sayiings of Woodbridge Ferrs between 1983-2009.

Social Sciences Department Records. 1956-1988. 1.5 cubic feet.

The Social Sciences department was created within the General Education Division in 1959. The records of the department include administrative files and curricula related materials. IT also contains records of activities sponsored by the department.

Starr Educational Center Cornerstone Collection. 1950-1962. 0.4 cubic feet.

This collection consists of the items placed into the Starr Educational Building cornerstone when the building was dedicated on January 7, 1962.

Statistical Information Booklet Records. 1963-1986. 0.3 cubic feet.

The Statistical Information Booklet includes annual statistics such as enrollment, admissions data, student credit production, degrees conferred, staff data, and basic revenues. The collection contains only the published booklet.

Student Government Records. 1947-2009. 3.0 cubic feet; electronic collection.

The student government was created in 1947 to provide an outlet for student input into campus life. The records consist of correspondence, legislation, minutes and reports.

Student Handbook Records. 1931; 1951-2017. 2.5 cubic feet.

Student handbooks provide information about organizations, rules and the culture of a campus. They also include a calender to assist students in scheduling time. This collection contains the annual student handbooks and any supporting documentation. It was produced in 1931, and then from 1951-2010.

Student Record Cards. 1903-1950. 4.4 cubic feet.

This collection consists of student registation cards used by the Business Office to record payment of tuition and fees. This collection is restricted and may only be used with the permission of the University Archivist.

Taylor, John- Papers. 1953-1981. 1.5 cubic feet.

John Taylor served as the first department head for the Social Sciences department from 1959-1977. He initiated many new programs. The papers contain his research files on aging, gerontology and social service programs. There are also some departmental records such as correspondence and reports.

Union Contract Records. 1972-2018. 1.5 cubic feet.

This collection consists of copies of final proposals/contracts for various unions on campus, as collected by the General Counsels office. The record group spans the dates 1972-2013 and does not always contain the current contract.

Useful Education. 1885-1895. 0.2 cubic feet.

The quarterly Useful Education acted as both a newsletter detailing programs at Ferris Institute and alumni information. It was also a bulletin the preceded the first official school catalog. The last known issue was July 1895. It was replaced by the FI Journal and the school catalog.

Ward, Merle S.- Papers. 1936-1946. 9.0 cubic feet.

Merle S. Ward (1892-1957) was president of Ferris Institute from 1936-1946. During his term, Ferris's pharmacy college became accredited and the school greatly expanded its teacher-training program. Ferris Institute, a private corporation, remained underfunded and the student enrollment fell sharply again during World War II. Ward left in 1946 after differences with the Board of Incorporators to take a position in North Dakota. The records consist of subject files, lecture/convocation files and personnel records.

What School? 1905-1924. 0.2 cubic feet.

The sporadic publication What School? provided information about the Ferris Institute synthesized from both the catalog and the yearbooks. It served to advertise the programs and activities for potential students. The last known issue was in 1924. It was replaced by the School Bulletin.

White, Wells D.- Papers. 1930-1931. 0.2 cubic feet.

Wells White was the president of Ferris Institute for the 1930-1931 school year. This collection contains brief biographical information about Wells D. White and two folders of correspondence relating to his hire and student relations. It covers the period 1930-1931.

Wright, Lillian- Historical Newsclippings Collection. 1889-1979. 0.8 cubic feet.

This collection contains annotated newspaper clippings on topics that Lillian Wright determined to be of significance to Ferris State University history.

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Manuscript Collections. A-Z

Association of Michigan Collegiate Faculties Records. 1970-1999. 4.5 cubic feet.

The Association of Michigan Collegiate Faculties was an assembly of faculty representatives from Michigan state colleges and universities. The records include correspondence, legislative records, meeting records, newsletters, reports and other subject files.

Auxiliary of the Michigan Optometric Association Records. 1959-1976. 2.0 cubic feet.

The auxiliary was a spousal committee that provided assistance, guidance and support to Michigan optometrists. The records in the collection consist of scrapbooks.

Big Rapids Pioneer (2005) Collection. 2005. 4.5 cubic feet.

In 2005, Big Rapids (Mich.) celebrated its sesquicentennial. As part of the celebration, the local newspaper ran ads of events and special articles relating to local history and celebratory events. Unbound copies of the local newspaper were kept for this year.

Big Rapids Township (Michigan) Records. 1905-1966. 7.0 cubic feet.

This accession includes records from both the Township Clerk and the Township Treasurer. The records are unbound and a mixture of original correspondence files and clerk copies. Several records relate to the building of roads in the county including bonds (1931-1932), commissioner's orders (1919-1935), Mecosta County Road Commission records (1917-1960), and road building proposals (1918-1932). Other records include birth records (1911-1914), burial transit permits (1945-1946), chattel mortgages (1904-1933), fire protection agreements (1929-1966), insurance policies (1926-1949), petitions (1954-1964), township hall building (1905) and township board records (1905-1957). The Treasurer records consist primarily of receipts and tax reports. There was a tax vote file (19713) and tax collection reports (1924-1960). Also there are highway/road orders (1914-1935.) These records are on deposit from the State Archives of Michigan.

Big Rapids Womens Club (Michigan) Records. 1940; 1971-2004. 9.5 cubic feet.

The Big Rapids General Federation of Women's Clubs chapter (1913-2003) is an organization which exemplifies women's leadership and service throughout the Big Rapids area. Records include some administrative material such as minutes but are primarily scrapbooks which contain a mixture of programs, press clippings and photographs.

City of Big Rapids (Michigan) Records. 1877-1967. 142 cubic feet.

The historical records of the City of Big Rapids are primarily those of the City Treasurer including cash books and tax rolls. There are also limited other records including minutes, ordinances and a water rent book.

Ferris, Mary E.- Papers. 1920-1940. 0.2 cubic feet.

This collection consists of a variety of papers belonging to Mary E. Ferris, scond wife of Phelps Fitch Ferris. The majority of the collection consists of correspondence from her family and bills relating to the settling of the estate.

Grant Township (Michigan) Records. 1890-1970 10.0 cubic feet.

This accession includes assessment rolls. These records are on deposite from the State Archives of Michigan.

Howe, Chauncey J.- Papers. 1909-1974. 6.0 cubic feet.

Chauncey J. Howe, O.D., F.A.A.O. (b. 1895), was a practicing optometrist and active member of Michigan optometrist associations from 1917-1972. He served on the Michigan Optometric Association and Michigan State Board of Examiners. The papers include materials relating to his association activities, and education as an optometrist.

Kussmaul, Dorothy Thorne- Scrapbook. 1935-1939. 0.1 cubic feet

This collection consists of the scrapbook Dorothy Thorne '36 kept of her student days at Ferris Institute, and her involvement during her first secretarial position in the Ferris Institute office.

Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association Records 1971-2002. 15 cubic feet.

The Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Assocation's purpose is to promote excellence in health sciences librarianship. The collection contains the records of the organization and regional organizations and is a mixture of correspondence, minutes, membership and program materials.

Michigan Highlights Publication. 1975-1981. 0.2 cubic feet.

This publication served as the quarterly journal for the Michigan Medical Records Association. It included: a presidents message, organizational information and chapter reports. The collection contains an incomplete run of the publication.

Miller, Mildred Ahlgren- Papers. 1915-1916. 0.4 cubic feet.

Mildred Ahlgren Miller was an active member of the Big Rapids educational community for over 30 years. She served as principal or instructor in nearly every district school. Miller had graduated from the Ferris Institute kindergarten and early education course in 1917. The papers consist of notes and projects completed as part of her coursework.

National Council of Teachers of English Collection. 1989-2004. 1.5 cubic feet.

This collection consists of programs from both the organization's general annual conference and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. These conventions were attended by Ferris faculty members.

Timme, Abigail Smith- Papers. 1889-1999. 1.7 cubic feet.

Abigail Smith Timme (1890-1986) was born in Manistee, Michigan. A 1912 secretarial graduate of Ferris Institute (Big Rapids, Mich.), Timme worked at the Berkey and Gay Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the war, Timme moved to Washington D.C. and served on the staff of several high ranking officials. After the war, she took a position with Continental Casualty Company, where she met her husband Ernst G. Timme. Timme worked with her husband on development projects and was a strong supporter of Ferris. Much of the collection is photographs although there is limited correspondence and objects.

West Michigan Cemeteries Project Collection. 1972-1987. 1. 5cubic feet.

his collection contains information relating to cemeteries in GrandTraverse, Mecosta, and Ionia counties in Michigan as compiled by theDaughters of the American Revolution. The cemeteries of MecostaCounty were each plotted out individually, with each gravestone beingrecorded by the Daughters of the American Revolution. In Ionia Countythe Palo Cemetery was researched by an unknown individual, and includescensus information from several years, and brief biographies of severalindividuals buried in the cemetery. The Grand Traverse Area GenelogicalSociety compiled documentation of two cemeteries and consists of legalrecords.

Women of the Ku Klux Klan (Ionia, Michigan) Records. 1929-1930. 0.4 cubic feet.

These records, compiled by a commander of the Kloverleaf Klan, no. 3, Ionia, Michigan consist of form letters and pamphlets produced by the larger Michigan and national organizations. There are no membership lists, minutes or details of the activities of that particular chapter.

Woodbridge N. Ferris Dissertation Collection. 1968-1974. 0.4 cubic feet.

In preparation for a dissertation on Woodbridge N. Ferris, Morris Tabor conducted research at Ferris State College, including several oral histories of former employees. Professor Charles Bond transcribed several of these interviews and retained copies. This collection consists of partial transcriptions for interviews, and notes taken by Tabor.

Woodbridge N. Ferris Memorial Dinner Records. 1973-1980. 0.4 cubic feet.

The Mecosta County Democratic Party sponsored a Woodbridge N. Ferris Memorial fundraising dinner from 1973-1980. Named after a local Democrat who served as governor, the dinner featured speeches by current and aspiring politicians. The records include programs.

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