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Thanksgiving Proclamation. (November 1916.)

"No man liveth to himself alone." This declaration is so simple that a child can understand it. The whole world frequently contributes to the ingredients of a simple morning meal. The every-day comforts of life are the contribution of many minds and many hands. Literature, science, art, schools, colleges, universities and churches are the gifts of the people. Our own United States, the greatest and noblest nation on the earth, is of the people, as proclaimed in that matchless document, the Declaration of Independence. This charter of human rights recognizes the divine in the human. If it were adopted by the nations of the earth, it would bring abiding world-peace, prosperity and happiness. God has given man the earth and its manifold riches.

This year, of all the years of this great Republic, is a fitting time for thanksgiving. No nation liveth to itself alone. May we on Thanksgiving Day remember in our prayers and acts, the millions of widows and orphans, the millions of maimed and dying, the millions of prisoners of war in other lands. They are our kindred. May America become a beacon light of liberty to all the world.

Therefore I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby join in the President of the United States in designating Thursday, the thirtieth of November as a day for all of the people of this Commonwealth to celebrate in Thanksgiving and prayer.

Source: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. Addresses and Writings, Box 6. Woodbridge N. Ferris Papers. University Archives. Ferris State University.