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Proclamation on the Panama Canal. (15 May 1914.)

To the People of Michigan,


Whereas, Congress by special enactment has planned for a world celebration of the Nation's achievement in the completion of the Panama Canal; and

Whereas, The President of the United State has invited the several states and foreign countries to participate in the event as an expression of patriotic pride in the Nation's gift to the world. And it having been decided to memorialize the event by a world Exposition at San Francisco to be known as the Panama-Pacific International Exposition; and

Whereas, the last Legislature adjourned without having made provision for Michigan representation at the Exposition;

Now Therefore, I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of Michigan, believing that Michigan, believing that Michigan should be adequately represented, do hereby earnestly appeal to all the citizens to contribute and assist in the patriotic campaign for funds, in order that the State may have a suitable Building in which to show to the world the products, progress and development of her commerce, manufacturers and agriculture. All contributions should be sent to John W. Haarer, State Treasurer, Lansing, Michigan.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State, at Lansing, this fifteenth day of May, 1914.

Source: Proclamation. State Library of Michigan. Lansing, Michigan.