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From the Journal of the House of Representatives,

Message to Legislature. (February 9, 1915. pp. 231.)

To the Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan:


The commission appointed by me in pursuance of Act No. 286 of the Public Acts of 1913, on revision and consolidation of statutes, transmitted to me in November last a proposed bill designated by the commission "The Judicature Act of 1915." In accordance with the direction of the statute above mentioned this bill was published and copies thereof forwarded from the executive office to all applications. In this manner the bill received a wide circulation, especially among lawyers. The Commission has recently met for the purpose of considering and acting upon the suggestions and criticisms called forth by the publication and circulation of the bill and they made a supplemental report, transmitting corrected and amended copies of the bill to me. I am herewith transmitting to you, in accordance with the directions of the statute aforesaid, two of these copies for introduction into the House.

I am satisfied that the Commission has made a very earnest effort to carry out in a satisfactory manner the purposes for which the Legislature authorized its creation and that the proposed bill if enacted into law will be a decided improvement over the laws on this subject as they now stand upon our statute books. I commend the bill to your very earnest and careful consideration and recommend its passage.

Yours very truly,

Woodbridge N. Ferris

Source: Fuller, George, editor. Messages of the Governors of Michigan. Volume IV. (Lansing, Michigan: Michigan Historical Commission, 1927), 680.