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From the Journal of the Senate,

May 8, 1913 (pp. 2251)

To the President of the Senate:

I herewith return without approval:

Senate bill no. 444 (File No. 432, enrolled no. 131) entitled

An act to amend section fifteen of act number two hundred seventy-five of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred eleven, entitled "An act to provide for the protection of game and birds, to regulate the taking, possession, use and transportation of the same, to prohibit the sale thereof, to regulate the manner of hunting, pursuing and killing game or birds, to provide a penalty for the violation of any of the provisions of this act and to repeal inconsistent acts and parts of acts," approved May two, nineteen hundred eleven, as amended by act number nine of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred twelve, second extra session, approved April nine, nineteen hundred twelve.

I disapprove of o this bill because it is largely local in its application. Furthermore, it would be impossible to determine with any degree of accuracy when wild fowl were killed one-half hour before sunrise or one-half hour after sunset. In other words, determining sunrise and sunset is not an easy matter. Furthermore, I object to the bill because it permits the taking of rabbits with ferrets and guinea pigs. The bill does not conserve our best game interests.

Yours respectfully,

Woodbridge N. Ferris

Source: Fuller, George, editor. Messages of the Governors of Michigan. Volume IV. (Lansing, Michigan: Michigan Historical Commission, 1927), 658.