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From the Journal of the House of Representatives,

Message to Legislature. (May 15, 1913. pp. 2266-2267.)

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives:

Sir: I herewith return without my approval

House bill No. 358 (file No. 287, enrolled No. 191), entitled

A bill to permit the use of dip nets in fishing for suckers, pickerel and pike in the waters of Tobacco river, in the township of Tobacco, in the county of Gladwin.

The chief objection to this bill is that it grants a special privilege. Furthermore, if this act should be approved by referendum vote, it would extend the privileges of the general law, as far as Tobacco township in Gladwin county is concerned, to permit the taking by dip net of "pickerel and pike." This provision might be construed to allow the taking of yellow pickerel and wall-eyed pike, which are considered game fish. The latter species is now being propagated and planted in the inland waters at considerable expense to the State. The proposed measure, if approved by the people of Tobacco township, Gladwin County, would grant them special fishing privileges not enjoyed by the people of any other section of the State.

Very respectfully,

Woodbridge N. Ferris.

Source: Fuller, George, editor. Messages of the Governors of Michigan. Volume IV. (Lansing, Michigan: Michigan Historical Commission, 1927), 661.