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Message to Legislature. (May 14, 1913. pp. 2296).

From the Journal of the Senate,

To the President of the Senate:

Sir: I herewith return without approval

Senate bill No. 526 (file No. 536, enrolled No. 138) entitled

"An act to amend section two of act number twenty-eight of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred eleven, entitled 'An act to authorize the board of supervisors of any county to raise by taxation or borrow money for the purposes of purchasing real estate for sites for, and constructing or repairing public buildings and bridges; to limit the amount that can be raised or borrowed for such purpose by such boards in certain cases; to authorize such boards to submit the question of raising or borrowing money for such purposes to the electors of their certain counties; to provide for the manner of submission; and to repeal act number forty-one of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred nine, entitled "An act limiting the amount which may be raised in any county in any one year by the board of supervisors," approved April twenty-one, nineteen hundred nine.

I object to the policy that this bill encourages. There is no good reason why our counties should not get along satisfactorily under the existing law.


Woodbridge N. Ferris

Source: Fuller, George, editor. Messages of the Governors of Michigan. Volume IV. (Lansing, Michigan: Michigan Historical Commission, 1927), 659.