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From the Journal of the Senate,

Message to Legislature. (May 10, 1915. pp. 1510.)

The President of the Senate:

Dear Sir:- I herewith return without approval.

Senate bill no. 250 (file No. 297), enrolled No. 107,

An act to create the Michigan Athletic Commission; to provide for the regulation and control of boxing or sparring exhibitions within this State; to provide for the licensing and taxation of such exhibitions; and prescribing penalties for the violation of the provisions thereof.

I disapprove Senate enrolled no. 107 (S.B. 250, file 297) because boxing or sparring exhibitions constitute a stepping stone to prize fighting exhibitions. Boxing or sparring exhibitions appeal to the lower human instincts and are destitute of any known element of manly uplift.

The more wholesome athletic sports that call forth the admiration of both men and women are deserving of enthusiastic encouragement. Such sports do not require special legal regulations or protection. As a rule, men almost exclusively are patrons of boxing or sparring matches. Michigan is not suffering for want of this doubtful form of entertainment.

I therefore decline to sign this bill

Yours very truly,

Woodbridge N. Ferris

Source: Fuller, George, editor. Messages of the Governors of Michigan. Volume IV. (Lansing, Michigan: Michigan Historical Commission, 1927), 682-683.