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Holiday Announcement


In Palestine, long years ago, the children of men waited and hoped. By and by, the hope came true. A child was born- a new day dawned- Christmas was a reality, a gift from heaven. The spirit of Christmas is the hope of the world. This spirit makes the happy home, makes the happy community, makes the happy nation, makes for the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. We wish you a happy Christmas for every day of the years to come.

A Merry Christmas to you. A Merry Christmas to all the Children of the World. "Thy Kingdom Come" is a universal prayer- the prayer of the child. Christmas means consecration- a dedication of childhood to the Kingdom. On Christmas morning, and on everything morning in all the years to come, may we be as little children, abounding in laughter, love and good will.

Source: Santer, Richard A., editor. The Ferris' Christmas Greeting Messages, 1909-1927. (Big Rapids, Michigan: n.p., 1999), n.p.