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Ferris Institute Holiday Announcement. (December 1915.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our readers. Consciously or unconsciously, we all seek happiness and avoid pain. The children of men on the "main-traveled roads" cannot choose their joys, cannot be merry and happy through wishing. The struggle for a mere livelihood casts a shadow that is ever present. No visitor to earth has had a clearer vision of this shadow than had the Prince of Peace. In his Sermon on the Mount He gives a message universal in its application, a message that touches the human heart under all varying conditions of life. Let the reader of this greeting pause long enough to re-read sympathetically and lovingly this world regenerating message. Having done this, please take time to make a list of your soul riches. You can't undo the past. Today is yours. Few of us, working along, can discover our best possibilities. Man is a social creature. Personal contact with one's fellow workers makes for progress, makes for joy and happiness.

Source: Santer, Richard A., editor. The Ferris' Christmas Greeting Messages, 1909-1927. (Big Rapids, Michigan: n.p., 1999), n.p