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Ferris Institute Holiday Announcement. (December 1912.)

Christmas in the morning, Christmas at noontide, Christmas in the evening, Christmas all day long. Christmas for the children, Christmas for the mothers and the fathers, Christmas for the hopeful, Christmas for the hopeless, Christmas for the living, Christmas for the dying, Christmas for the immeasurably rich, Christmas for the unutterably poor, Christmas for the toiling millions. The call of the Carpenter is awakening the whole world. The peoples of the earth are having a new birth, a new vision. Christmas means fellowship and fellowship means brotherhood. The call of the Carpenter is "thy kingdom come" here and now. The Carpenter's kingdom is the kingdom of self-respect. He who has learned to respect himself, respects all men. In this kingdom men love justice. In this kingdom men render service. The earth is man's treasure-house. Before her laboratories closed, countless treasures were produced for the use of all the children of men. In the kingdom of fellowship all men labor. Without labor there can be no abiding joy. The call of the Carpenter is the call for a universal democracy. This call we here in the laughter of childhood, in the benediction of father and mother when comes the morning for "breaking home ties," in the gratitude of children in father and mother for a thousand and one tokens of love, in the gratitude of loyal men and women for the divine privileges of fellowship, in the thanksgiving of loyal men and women to the Father of us all for his manifold blessings. A Merry Christmas now and forever to everybody.

Source: Santer, Richard A., editor. The Ferris' Christmas Greeting Messages, 1909-1927. (Big Rapids, Michigan: n.p., 1999), n.p.