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Ferris Institute Holiday Announcement. (December 1910.)

At least once a year, you should ascertain your soul's present worth. During the year that is past we hope you have grown richer in sympathy, richer in kindness, richer in love. You have had your trials and your disappointments. You have had your joys and your sorrows. Are you quite sure that you are the one chief sufferer among ten thousand? Do you still possess a father and a mother? Then give thanks. Have they both passed on? Then give thanks for the memories that are yours. Have you your playmates of childhood? Than give thanks. Have they crossed the bar? Then again give thanks for the memories of long ago. Give thanks for the privilege of rejoicing with those who live to rejoice, give thanks for the privilege of mourning with those who live to mourn. Make sacred the memory of the dead through service to the living. Extend your vision beyond your immediate neighborhood. The world is large. Charity and more charity is not what the struggling millions want. They want social justice. With the coming of social justice, cometh the kingdom of heaven. Give your smiles, your flowers to those whom you meet on life's pathway today. Let your life convince the blind, the lame and the halt that there is a Merry Christmas for all the world's children every day in the New Year. The Prince of Peace cometh to all who love.

Source: Santer, Richard A., editor. The Ferris' Christmas Greeting Messages, 1909-1927. (Big Rapids, Michigan: n.p., 1999), n.p.