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Ferris Institute Holiday Announcement. (December 1909.)

We send you Greetings-

The little things of life are the great things of life. There is no essential difference between your riches and the riches of the millionaire. The millionaire has more things to look after, more things to worry over, more things to keep him from the presence of the sun, moon and stars, the great beautiful forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and fields; the songs of birds, the laughter of childhood and the poetry of the common people. Envy him not, rather wish him well. May the season of all seasons make you kinder, tenderer, towards brother, sister, father, mother, the fortunate and the unfortunate. The world needs you. Buckle on your armor and go forth to do battle for humanity. You have been given a vision: The kingdom of man is to be the brotherhood of man through the fatherhood of God, therefore, be of good cheer.

Source: Santer, Richard A., editor. The Ferris' Christmas Greeting Messages, 1909-1927. (Big Rapids, Michigan: n.p., 1999), n.p.