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Flag Day Proclamation. (June 1914.)

Every civilized nation symbolizes its governmental ideals. The story of the origin and growth of the Stars and Stripes is the story of American patriotism. Patriotism constitutes the very soul of a republic. The forty-eight stars represent our Union and the stripes symbolize the enduring attributes of this Union.

It should be remembered that Old Glory becomes more and more precious in proportion to the spirit of loyalty cherished by our citizens. We know the awful cost of this flag, we know its protecting influence, we know its message to all the peoples of the earth. Let it be carried in time of war and in time of peace consecrated to the ultimate reign of human justice.

Let the people of Michigan on Sunday, June 14th, display this sacred emblem and conduct such exercises as will encourage our youth to love and reverence the flag and what it symbolizes.

Therefore, I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of Michigan, do issue this proclamation and enthusiastically urge the observance of Sunday, the fourteenth of June, 1914, as Flag Day.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State this twenty-seventh day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fourteen and of the Commonwealth the seventy-eighth.

Source: Flag Day Proclamation. State Library of Michigan. Lansing, Michigan.