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Do Something.

Do not spend your precious time in wishing and watching, and waiting for something to turn up. If you do, you may wish and watch forever. Idleness and indifference never accomplished anything. It takes energy and push to make headway in the world, and an active, energetic, persevering man is sure to succeed. If he can not do one thing, he will do something else. If he cannot succeed in one direction he will in some other. He will do something. He will not waste his time in idleness. There is no lack of work, no lack of opportunities. Do what comes to your hand, and do it well. True progress is from the loss to the greater. You must begin low if you would build high. Work is ordinarily the measure of success. Quit resolving, and re-resolving and go and do something.

Source: Ferris, Woodbridge N. "Do Something." Useful Education. January 1886: 4.