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Decoration and Memorial Day: a Proclamation. (8 May 1914.)

Nations that do not remember the dead do not remember the living. We scatter flowers over the graves of the "Boys in Blue" because of our love for them, because of our love for the noblest nation in the world, because of our love for the remaining members of the Grand Army of the Republic. The added stars in our flag, the birth of a world-wide patriotism, the solidarity of the United States, the commercial, social and political progress of our country has been made possible by the valor and self-sacrifice of the boys who fought for the Union.

We who live today learn our lessons of inspiration, of patriotism and service from these heroes. May this day recall sacred memories, may this day afford us one more opportunity for greeting the "old boys" with a smile, with a hearty hand shake, with a "God bless you."

For the boys who died in the Spanish-American War, and for the boys who survived we bring like tokens of love and consecration.

Therefore, I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby issue this my Proclamation and heartily urge the observance of Saturday, May 30, 1914 as Memorial Day.

Source: Decoration Day Proclamation. Addresses and Writings, Box 6. Woodbridge N. Ferris Papers. University Archives. Ferris State University.