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Decoration and Memorial Day Proclamation. (May 1913.)

Decoration and Memorial Day has come to mean more to the American people than any other day set apart for paying tribute to patriotism. It is a day that recalls sacred memories. These memories become more sacred with every added year, because the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic are becoming thinner and thinner. Those who are with us now will soon join the Grand Army of the Dead. To the earlier Decoration Days have been added new memories of thousands of Spanish American War veterans who laid down their lives for a more glorious America.

Let the people of Michigan make next Decoration Day the most beautiful in all her history. This should not be a day for recreation and amusement but rather a day for consecration. Flowers for the dead betoken a kindly spirit, but flowers for the living of the Grand Army of the Republic are an expression of love and valor.

The thirtieth of May is set apart for appropriate exercises in every school house and church in Michigan whereby our boys and girls may be encouraged to cherish an abiding love for both our heroic dead and our heroic living.

Therefore, I, Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of the State of Michigan, do hereby issue this my Proclamation and heartily urge the observance of Friday, May 30, 1913, as Decoration and Memorial Day.

Source: Decoration and Memorial Day Proclamation. State Library of Michigan. Lansing, Michigan.