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Images of Woodbridge Ferris

There are no known sound or film recordings of Woodbridge N. Ferris. Most of the photographs are posed studio shots. The following images are representative of the larger collection held within the University Archives. Often a single photo has been reproduced several times with a different focus or cropping.

To search for other images of Woodbridge Ferris, go to the online catalog search page. Type in "Woodbridge N. Ferris Photograph Series" as a LOCAL CALL NUMBER. If you see an image that you would like in a higher resolution or different format, contact the archives.

Ferris' image has been used in pieces of art. Two of these include his official state portrait at the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Another is as a central figure in a piece of artwork by Robert Barnum called The Visionary.

Below are just a few images to introduce you to the world of Woodbridge N. Ferris.

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