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Faxing at FLITE

Faxes can be sent from the photocopier nearest the entrance on the First Floor using your printing account. The cost is $.50 per faxed sheet for local, long-distance, and international.

Directions for sending a fax:

  1. If necessary, wake up the machine. (Tap the "On" button briefly or raise the sheet feeder.)
  2. Tap "Start" on the screen.
  3. Login with your MyFSU username and password. (Tap the text boxes to pull up a keyboard on the screen.)
  4. Select "Facsimile" from the physical buttons on the left.
  5. Set pages to be faxed face up in the feeder tray.
  6. Select "Manual Entry" on the screen.
    • For a local fax, dial "86" followed by the fax number
    • For a long distance fax, dial "87" followed by the area code and fax number
    • For an international fax, dial "87" followed by the country code and fax number
  7. Tap "OK" when finished.
  8. Press the green "Start" button on the lower right. Your page(s) to be faxed will be scanned and transmitted. Wait for the confirmation page to print to confirm facsimile was sent.
  9. Log out. Press the bottom left physical "Other Function" button and tap the "logout" button on the screen display.

If you need assistance, please ask at one of the service desks and we'll be glad to help.

No cash refunds. Only deposit the amount of cash you expect to use during your time at Ferris State University. The minimum amount is one dollar.