Student Support


- Learn about the two different types of Announcements in Blackboard and where to find them.

Access Denied

- When I click on the Blackboard Icon in MyFSU, I get an Access Denied error.  Why and what to do.

Browser Check

- In Blackboard, click on "My Blackboard" from the top menu. At the left of the pane, click on "Test your Browser" to find out if your browser is configured to use Blackboard.

Clickers - What are Clickers

- This information page will let you know where you can purchase your clickers and provide you with some instructions.

Computer PC Troubleshooting for Blackboard

- This page is designed to help students troubleshoot their PC issues while using Blackboard.

Computer MAC Troubleshooting for Blackboard

- Java on a MAC and clearing browser cache

Content Collection

- Blackboard features a Content Collection. This is part of the content management system within Blackboard. This allows users to store up to 1 GB of data. Please read the article for more information.

Course Environment - Navigate in a Course Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- Although this document is primarily intended for Instructors, students may find the Glossary terms to be valuable information.

Courses Tab - How to edit the Courses Tab View

- This article will describe how you can edit the course list that is displayed in the Courses Tab.

Instructor Comments - How to view comment in PDF Files

- This article will describe how you can view markup comments that instructors make in PDF files. In addition, there are instructions that show you how to include those comments when printing the document.

Java Version Help

- Here are some instructions setting up JAVA so you are able to use the collaboration tools in Blackboard.

Mobile Learn App for Blackboard

- Learn how to download and install the Blackboard Mobile Learn App on iOS devices.

Portfolios - How to get started

- Information on how to get started creating a portfolio.

Respondus LockDown Browser Download Information and File

- This article will provide you instructions how to download the LockDown browser with the download link

Respondus LockDown Browser Problems

- This article will provide a work around related to the Respondus LockDown Browser. There are separate instructions for assessments that both require a password and those that do not.

Student Manual

- Searchable on-line help file at the web site.

Tegrity - System Requirements

- This link will take you to the Tegrity web site which will provide you with the system requirements needed to play a Tegrity video.

Tegrity Recorded Videos - How do I play them?

- This article will provide all the details on how to play back Tegrity videos on the Windows 8 operating system, using Internet Explorer.