Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is the Learning Management System (LMS) that has been endorsed by the University.  This collaborative learning environment integrates with many third party tools to enhance the student learning.  It also provides real time integration with Banner.

Our University has the Original Course View.

Accessibility Features in Blackboard - Blackboard's goal is to provide an accessible platform for students and instructors.  Students at Ferris that have met with Educational Counseling & Disabilities Services may request an accessible "My Blackboard" page.

Course Creation:  Instructions to show an instructor how they can request a course shell in Blackboard.

Course FAQ: A FAQ for general Blackboard course questions.

Discussion Board: A FAQ for general Discussion board questions.

Retention Policy:  Students have up to one year to dispute a grade so the policy states a total of four semesters of Banner integrated courses will remain on the production system. Semester archives are taken at the end of each semester and are held at an off- site facility for those semesters no longer on the production system.

Faculty Enrollments: The policy states that no one will be added to a course unless a faculty member puts in writing who can be added to their course or it is directed by a Dean of the College. The E-Learning Administrators may add themselves to a Blackboard course to help faculty and students with issues.

Student Enrollments: The policy states that the only way students are enrolled in the Blackboard course shell is through Banner Integration. [Academic Affairs Policy]

StudyMate Class FAQ

What are the most recent known issues? - A list of known issues that have been compiled for the Blackboard system.

Blackboard Training Videos - This link will take you to Blackboard's training videos on specific topics.