Organization Responds to Racism Charges

The Washington Times, Wednesday, February 16, 1999, page A16
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It is strange that Rep. Bob Barr, who boasts in his letter to the editor that he "prosecuted white supremacists and racially motivated police violence" while he was a U.S. attorney, was not more familiar with the views of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), an organization long active in his district and jurisdiction, before he agreed to speak to our group last year ("Congressman replies to charge of racism by association," Feb. 5).

Could it be that Mr. Barr is simply misinformed about the "racial views" he ascribes to the CCC and that the council is not, in fact, the white-supremacist, racist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi organization the liberal media and certain irresponsible left-wing congressmen have smeared it as being?

In fact, the CCC is a 15,000-member organization that is the nation' s leading grass-roots conservative activist group. While it is largely white and Christian in membership, it does have both black and Jewish members, and persons of any racial, ethnic and religious background are welcome to join.

The CCC defends the white European-American people that created the civilization of Europe and the United States, including the Christian faith and constitutional form of government that have prevailed in the United States throughout our history. We do not support and do not advocate any exploitation or oppression of any racial, ethnic or religious group.

Indeed, what Mr. Barr says of his own beliefs - "I deeply believe that skin color, the church in which people worship or the country where they are born should have nothing to do with the opportunities they have in society or the status they hold under the law" - is also true of what we in the CCC believe. It is unfortunate that the congressman and many others have been misinformed about the real views of the CCC and that they have not taken the trouble to learn what our real views are before denouncing us on the basis of erroneous and politically distorted reports.

Gordon Lee Baum
Chief executive officer
Council of Conservative Citizens
St. Louis