Our Phony Penitent-in-Chief Has Idiotic Hitler Theory

By Ron Rosenbaum
New York Observer, February 15, 1999


... as I related in my first Senate trial dispatch [Jan. 25] I'd found myself incensed by the presence of the Confederate flag (embedded in the state flags of Georgia and Mississippi) in the Senate subway tunnel, incensed by the ties of pro-impeachment partisans like Bob Barr and Trent Lott to white supremacist organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens - and wondering whether the nation had ever really assimilated the moral inequivalence of the two sides to the Civil War.  (Memo to Senator Charles Schumer, your press secretary appears to be stonewalling my attempt to get an answer to this question:  Now that I've gotten Henry Hyde's pledge to support a joint resolution condemning the racism of the C.C.C., will you introduce such a resolution in the Senate, and if not, why not?)...