Ripon Society Denounces Racist Ties

M2 Communications, Ltd., Presswire, Tuesday, January 26, 1999
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Party has been rattled by lingering accusations of links to white supremacist groups. In December, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Imperial Wizard David Duke announced his official run as a Republican for Rep. Bob Livingston's (R-LA) seat. Recently, two prominent Republican Members of Congress are alleged to have close ties with the ardently separatist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). The Ripon Society, a centrist-oriented research and public policy organization, released the following statement:

"The Ripon Society believes party leaders must make the principled stand and aggressively repudiate such activities. This is not merely a matter of identifying intolerable, racist behavior within a political party. Serious questions remain concerning the degree of influence extremist groups exercise within the Grand Old Party. And does this influence contribute to the party's inability to attract substantial numbers of minority voters and candidates? For example, there was a 98 percent loss margin amongst black Republican candidates in local, state and federal elections during 1998.

"The most recent events have certainly stained the GOP's public image. Only 10 percent of African American voters chose Republican in last year's mid-term elections. The Ripon Society is concerned that the tremendous media attention surrounding these recent developments diminishes the progressive, forward- thinking agenda the Republican party has created for the 21st century. Hence, it is absolutely essential GOP leaders condemn racism within their ranks if they desire to re-establish a productive, mutually beneficial relationship with African American and Hispanic communities."

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