December 10, 1998

On Eve of Vote, Bob Barr Scorched in Washington Post

By Matt Drudge

On the eve of the Judiciary Committee's impeachment vote, the WASHINGTON POST hits member Rep. Bob Barr [R-GA] in Friday editions, a prerelease was obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

"A spokesman or [Barr] acknowledged Thursday that he was a keynote speaker earlier this year at a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization promoting views that interracial marriage amounts to white genocide and that Abraham Lincoln was elected by socialists and communists," writes the paper's Thomas Edsall.

Edsall quotes from the internet Web site of the Council of Conservative Citizens, noting the site "is dominated by material portraying the 'white race' as under siege."

"A council columnist described only as 'H. Milward' writes: 'Take 10 bottles of milk to represent all humans on earth. 9 of them will be chocolate and only one white. Now mix all those bottles together and you will have gotten rid of that troublesome bottle of white milk. There too is the way to get rid of the world of whites. Convince them to mix their few genes with the genes of the many. Genocide via the bedroom chamber is as long lasting as genocide via war."

"Barr spoke at the organization's semi-annual convention on June 6 in Charleston, S.C.," reports the WASHINGTON POST.

"His presence was cited by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who testified against the impeachment of President Clinton at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee."