Source:  Religion & Politics Digest (a conservative right wing organization)
Feb. 15, 1995


WASHINGTON – I went to my first Conservative Political Action Conference in 1987 and have at least shown up at the exhibit hall most years since then. This is the first year of which I'm aware that a group evidencing sympathy for white racism exhibited at CPAC.

Founded in 1990, the pro-segregation Council of Conservative Citizens had its origins outside Washington, D.C., a member stated. It has chapters all over the country and publishes a newspaper called Citizens Informer, which includes many advertisements of the Confederate Flag. One advertisement is entitled "WHITE PRIDE...With Hard Work."

In a column entitled "The Africanization of Sports and Public Schools," the columnist stated, "A major factor in the monopoly by black athletes of our major sports is that many white potential athletes refuse to enter a sport that is dominated by blacks and to live in the close personal and intimate contact with blacks that is required on athletic teams. White athletes take up other sports such as golf, soccer, swimming or hockey or become spectators or sports fans."

The Council of Conservative Citizens held a "National Conservative Unity" meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina November 12, at which newspaper columnists Samuel Francis and Joseph Sobran were the main speakers.

Jared Taylor, author of Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America says, "The Council of Conservative Citizens is the only organization I know of that does effective political work for the European-American majority. It deserves the support of every American who is concerned about the future of his country."

Former Congressman Webb Franklin says, "Conservatives need to be united and the Council of Conservative Citizens is the perfect vehicle."

Others who have made endorsement statements of the CCC are Jesse Helms, Mel Hancock, Jim Johnson, Dapper O'Neil, Michael A. Grissom, Trent Lott, Kirk Fordice, Lester Maddox, John Rarick, Edwyn Mason, Leonard Wilson, Claire Bawcom, John Killian, Robert Slimp, Betty Furniss, Thomas Bugel, Shirley Kiel, Earl Holt III, Louis Fister, Brent Nelson, Mike Lady, Lee Bellinger, Jackson Ricau, Robert Patterson, Emmette Baker, Richard Burrow, and Mike Gunn.