Press Release - February 4, 1999
The Council of Conservative Citizens

"Conservative Group Denounces Resolution as Attack on Free Speech"

The Council of Conservative Citizens, a group that has been labeled "racist" by Alan Dershowitz and other Clinton supporters, is now the target of a Congressional resolution proposed by two House Democrats.

The Wexler/Clyburn resolution states that the C of CC:

1.   " an outgrowth of the segregationist White Citizens Council"
2.   "...the Council of Conservative Citizens (promulgates) dogma that supports white supremacy and anti-Semitism..."
3.   "...the Council of Conservative Citizens provides access to, and opportunities for the promotion of extremist neo-Nazi ideology and propaganda that incites hate crimes and violence."

Gordon Baum, CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens responds:

"Most of the erroneous hype about the Council of Conservative Citizens can be traced to left-wing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group which has spread lies about us that we have demanded they either prove or retract."

"The C of CC is not an off-shoot of the old Citizens Councils.  We are a free-standing operation and always have been.  This guilt-by-association ploy won't work."

"What is particularly absurd are the accusations that we are anti-Semitic.   We have active Jewish members who support our ideals one hundred percent.   None of our literature or Website material is supremacist.  We are pro-white just as the NAACP is pro-black or the ADL is pro-Jewish."

"There is not one iota of truth in the charge that the C of CC has connections with neo-Nazi or other groups that promote violence against anyone.  Wexler and Clyburn are just trying to provoke mass hysteria to take pressure off Clinton.  This resolution is an affront to free speech that would make Orwell blush.  What we would like to know is which members of the Black Caucus voted to condemn Mr. Khalid for his overtly anti-Semitic remarks."

{Mr. Baum has appeared on numerous radio and television programs defending the C of CC and has been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, and other national newspapers of record.)