'Dixie' Ignored, Group Alleges

The Augusta Chronicle, Sunday, January 24, 1999

CHARLESTON -- The Citadel hasn't been playing Dixie as often as it should, says The South Carolina Council of Conservative Citizens.  The group held a protest about it Saturday at the gates of the military school.  Dixie, considered by some to be the Confederate anthem, should be played at parades and games, protesters said.

``I hope that they will allow Dixie and the flag back into the stadium,'' Council member Francis Bell said. ``Dixie was sung during the Civil War by those cadets and the other people who were fighting for states' rights.''

Opponents of the flag and song say they symbolize racism. In a statement, Citadel officials said they would continue to play Dixie only when appropriate.

Last month, several area state senators met with school officials about playing the song more often.  Citadel officials said they would review their policy about the song and make sure it played at appropriate times.