Black and White Americans Will Never Truly Mix

By Dennis Wheeler, Chairman, North Georgia Chapter, Council of Conservative Citizens
The Atlanta Constitution, January 15, 1999

On Election Day, 60% of white Southerners voted for Republican candidates. This is a clear consensus.  But our consensus was overshadowed because 89% of blacks voted for Democrats.  This divergence shows that after 34 years, the civil rights "dream" of forming one new people out of two has been a complete failure.  At the Council of Conservative Citizens, we acknowledge this reality.

We also realize that with the swarming non-white immigration undermining the Anglo-Saxon fabric of our society, our political interests will become even harder to enact in the future.  So we are fighting the problem on two fronts, working to organize Euro-Americans into a more unified and powerful voting block, and to reform our immigration laws to greatly curtail the flood of non-white immigrants.

We recognize that Euro-Americans have legitimate political interests such as lowering taxes, reducing spending on welfare, controlling crime, preserving Second Amendment gun rights, stopping the moral degeneration of our culture, preserving educational liberty for home and private schools, curtailing abortion, among others.

The Democratic Party is not helping us with any of this.  The GOP is helping some.  Our people vote overwhelmingly for the GOP.  The blacks vote more overwhelmingly for the Democrats.  We invited U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA)  to speak to us because he was leading the charge for Bill Clinton's impeachment, which we strongly favor.

The Council is being smeared only so that Barr can be smeared for speaking to us.

This is the same tactic used against Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, and Kathleen Willey.  The only difference is that we never got in bed with Bill Clinton.