An Award for Whitney

The GOLDEN MICROCEPHALUS 1995 for Dr. Glayde Whitney, still Past President of the Behavior Genetics Association.

It is a pleasure to announce that the GOLDEN MICROCEPHALUS has been awarded to Dr. Glayde Whitney for his memorable and elucidating presidential address held at the banquet of the Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) in Richmond, Virginia, in the year of the Lord 1995 and published in the venerable journal Mankind Quarterly for the benefit of following generations.

The GOLDEN MICROCEPHALUS, sponsored by an anonymous committee for truth without ideology, is a distinction for those courageous scientists who are rediscovering the scientific truth that has been established by noble forerunners starting more than two hundred years ago but was suppressed and put to oblivion by heinous enemies devoid of scientific thought, filled with hate against the order of things imposed to the world by the Lord.

With his characteristic modesty, Dr. Glayde Whitney avoided any allusion to his celebrated forerunners, offering himself as vulnerable target for the lurking enemies of scientific thought who did not hesitate to attack him shamelessly. However, this is the place and time to put him at equal rank with the scientific giants of the past. The first whose name springs to the mind of the attentive listener of Dr. Whitney's talk is the famous anatomist Soemmering with his fine work documenting the anatomical differences between the European and the Negro [1]. F.J. Gall, in most cases an opponent of Soemmering, adopted Soemmering's conclusion by correlating the mental inferiority of the black race with their smaller brains, already in his first treatise of the phrenological theory [2].

Regrettably, he blurred Soemmering's insights by stating that moral guidelines should prevent men from exploiting the mentally underequipped [3]. Subsequently, there were some scientifically unsubstantiated attempts by Tiedeman who claimed to find no differences between the Europeans and the Negro's brain [4] and even dared to speculate that the perceived mental inferiority of the black race might be related to the imperialist infrastructure implanted in Africa. Fortunately, Tiedemann's ideological and egalitarian attitudes were dismantled by many fine anatomists and craniologists led by Broca, Vogt and Bischoff, who documented convincingly not only the mental and cerebral inferiority of the Negro's brain, but were also able to correlate the smaller size of the female brain with the well-known female intellectual inferiority. As for the latter fact, the so-far boldest theory, developed by the genial Moebius, perceived the physiological feeble-mindeness of women as a fine reflection of Mother Nature's wisdom who blessed women with smaller brains and weaker minds in order to sustain the mindless chore of raising children and being housewives [5].

Dr. Whitney unfortunately never had the opportunity to contribute scientifically to the revival of those old yet everlasting scientific truths -- a task achieved marvellously by his BGA colleague Dr. Rushton -- but his merit is to have demasked the ideology tarring the minds of so many, perhaps too many, behavioral geneticists. Thanks to his courage, we are now aware of the presence of hidden communists and subversive Lyssenkoists in the Behavior Genetics Association, and we can only applaud their departure from our association. This alone would have deserved an award, but the final crown in order to achieve the distinction is his genial intuition, enabling him to sense the genetic source of evil hidden in the correlations between black population and crime rate in American cities. What a miraculous scientific insight, what a courage - a true match to Moebius!

The GOLDEN MICROCEPHALUS is his appropriate reward. The prize money of US dollars will hopefully enable him to complete his library with the treatises of his intellectual ancestors and help him to fulfill his duties as Past President of the BGA. May he enjoy the enlightening lecture.

For the Committee "Truth without Ideology"
-- Dr. Hans-Peter Lipp Professor for Neuroanatomy and Behavior University of Zuerich, Switzerland


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Jan. 29, 1996
Hans-Peter Lipp, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland